White Household Ice Cream Maker Machine Factory

White Household Ice Cream Maker Machine

White Household Ice Cream Maker Machine

White Household Ice Cream Maker Machine

Power Supply: 220-240V/50Hz.115V/50Hz/60Hz

Rated Input: 140W

Refrigerant: R600a

Ice Cream Making Capacity: 1.5

Unit Dimension: 240*390*326

Package Dimension: 285*422*370

Loading Quantity: 1540pcs/40'HQ...

Hicon main products are household and medical air conditioners, portable air conditioners, water dispensers, refrigerators, ice makers, freezers, wine coolers and small appliances.

Yes,we are mainly doing customized products according to the customers’ drawings or samples.


White Household Ice Cream Maker Machine Details

A small machine can improve communication between parents and children, welcome to buy parent-child ice cream machine.Maybe you haven't chatted with your child for a morning, maybe you think he is getting alienated from you, don't worry, in this hot summer, our ice cream opportunity gives you a common topic.

*1. With its own cooling function, it can be continuously produced without refrigerating the ice bucket in advance. 2. The ice bucket can be separated from the main unit for easy cleaning. 3. After the production is completed, it can be automatically refrigerated. After it is done, it does not need to be taken out immediately, no need to look after it.

No matter whether it is machine use or subsequent machine cleaning, you don't need to worry, because the simple and convenient control panel can solve most problems. What you need to do is to develop your child's imagination and create a delicious ice cream flavor that suits your desire. The exchange of children's talents and your experience is the right way to open a parent-child ice cream machine.

Although we are equipped with several commonly used ice cream flavors, these are just popular flavors. To have your own unique flavor of ice cream, you must ask your child to use your imagination, test and constantly find your perfect flavor. In this case, you can enjoy parent-child activities while eating ice cream at home.

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