It is a high-tech enterprise, which specialized in developing and manufacturing various kinds of industrial & commercial refrigeration equipments.

Product Advantage : Independent innovation, break the monopoly of foreign brands and create ultra low temperature refrigeration industry brand.

1.1 Stability/ Reliability/ Safety: Users are very concerned about the equipment quality and performance because these aspects will affect the equipment application effect ;
1.2 High reliability: Adopt international famous refrigeration accessories to ensure the product quality.
1.3 High efficiency: The lowest temperature of our ultra-low tempature refrigerator can reach up to -185℃ in a short time without using liquid Nitrogen as refrigerant.
1.4 Wide temperature range: Lixiang ultra-low temperature refrigerator has extremely wide temperature range (from -18℃ to -185℃), which can fully meet users’ application demands.
1.5 Multiple Volumes: Lixiang ultra-low temperature refrigerator has a variety of volumes from 50L to 650L for users to choose from.
1.6 Advanced Accessories: Most of our equipments are equipped with advanced man-machine exchange interface, convenient for examination.The equipment has high degree automation, ease of installation and operation of convenience

Professional customization service

Relying on our deep industry technical background, we have been providing various specific OEM & ODM customization service according to customers’ creative design and requirements based on product cost-effectiveness and high quality standard as customers expected.

Brand Influence & Development

In recent years Hicon has been developing quickly. It has a growth of 50% per year for recent 3 years . It’s been honored as “AAA Creditable Enterprise” for recent 5 years.
In 2001, Hicon products were honored as the “Famous Products” in ZheJiang Province. In 2002, Hicon air conditioners were granted “Products Exempting from Inspection In China”.
In 2003, NingBo Hicon International Industry Co.,Ltd. had the largest exporting volume in Cixi.
In 2005, Hicon’s air cleaning units was honored as high-tech product in Ningbo and nominated project of Chinese National Torch Programs.
Hicon products have been sold in the big international retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot and so on. Hicon has become one of the biggest production bases for exporting home appliances.

Excellent after-sales service

We have complete quality record and testing data for each set of product. We can provide our users with professional equipment repair and maintenance services.


It is a high-tech enterprise, which specialized in developing and manufacturing various kinds of industrial & commercial refrigeration equipments.

Analysis of customers’ design ideas & requirements.
Confirmation of equipments’ relevant parameters.
Drafting of project engineering solution.
Approval of project engineering solution.
Quoting of project.
Equipment manufacturing.
Equipment Pre-factory testing.
Equipment delivery.