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Ice Cream Maker Red

Ice Cream Maker Red

Power supply: 220-240V/50Hz; 220V/60Hz; 115V/60Hz; 100V/60Hz 
Available color: Red, white, silver 
Function: Making ice cream 
Brand: Hicon or OEM...


Ice Cream Maker Red Details

Power supply: 220-240V/50Hz; 220V/60Hz; 115V/60Hz; 100V/60Hz

Available color: Red, white, silver

Function: Making ice cream

Brand: Hicon or OEM


*1.5 L capacity soft ice cream machine.

*Simple operation, beautiful appearance, perfect craftsmanship and excellent technology enhances its temperament.

*A machine that can make a complete, custom-made ice cream. You can create the special ice cream you want, based on recipes or your own imagination, to share fun with your family and share happiness.

*The ice cream produced can be kept in a small bucket and can be kept without waiting.



Drive style

POM meshing gear drive

Mixing blades

Push mixing

Soft, medium, hard three   kinds of ice cream

According to personal taste (It can automatically adjust the time)


Main mixing function, without Cooling


Select mode (Choose the type of ice cream)


Press one time plus 5 minutes


Press one time minus 5 minutes


On / off

key(STIR)Mixing time   addition and subtraction

Press (TIME+) key plus one minutes, press (TIME-) key minus one minutes,

screen display

S represents soft ice cream, H represents hard ice cream

The time to make soft ice   cream

43 minutes

The time to make hard ice   cream

120 minutes

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