Why is the temperature of the refrigerator falling slowly


1. Check the factors of artificially adjusting the temp […]

1. Check the factors of artificially adjusting the temperature and whether the temperature adjusted by yourself is appropriate. If the adjusted temperature itself is not low, the temperature will not drop automatically.
2. The factor of ambient temperature. It may be due to the ambient temperature. If the temperature is adjusted too high in summer, the temperature of the freezer may not drop by half for a while.
3. Defrost water and sink factors. There is no defrosting water in the sink behind the freezer that flows directly into the sink, check whether there is water in the freezer. If there is such a phenomenon, you can put the front a little bit up and let the frost water flow out gently in the sink.
4. Throttle valve and refrigerant flow factors. Improper or blocked restrictors directly affect the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. After the opening of the throttling is too large, the refrigerant flow increases greatly, the evaporation pressure and evaporation temperature increase, and the temperature decrease speed in the cabinet decreases.
5. Refrigeration capacity factor. The cooling capacity of the refrigeration system is insufficient, and the cooling effect is affected. There are two main reasons for insufficient refrigerant circulation. One is that the refrigerant charge is insufficient, and now it is only necessary to add enough. Another reason is that in the case of a large amount of refrigerant leakage in the system, the first thing to do is to find the leak point, check each pipe, valve joint, find and repair the leaking part, and fill enough refrigerant.
6. Compressor factor. The compressor power is low, and the cooling capacity cannot meet the cabinet load requirements. If the bad compressor runs for a long time, the sealing function will decrease accordingly, the gas delivery coefficient of the compressor will also decrease, and the cooling capacity will decrease.
7, refrigerator insulation and sealing function factors. The heat insulation or sealing function of the freezer is poor, and the loss of cooling capacity is large. The decrease in thermal insulation function is due to the insufficient thickness of thermal insulation materials, and the thermal insulation effect on pipes, thermal insulation walls in cabinets, etc. is not good.
8. Factors of the evaporator.
①The appearance of the evaporator of the freezer is too thick or dusty, the heat transfer effect is low, and the temperature of the cabinet is reduced.
②The appearance of the evaporator heat transfer tube is attached with more refrigeration oil, and its heat transfer coefficient decreases. Similarly, if there is more air in the heat transfer tube, the heat transfer area of ​​the evaporator is reduced, and its heat transfer power is also significantly reduced. The temperature in the cabinet decreases at a reduced rate.

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