What should I do if the refrigerator is noisy


The noise of supermarket freezers mainly occurs in the […]

The noise of supermarket freezers mainly occurs in the thermal expansion and cooling contraction of compressors, evaporators and condensers, friction or resonance between pipelines, pipeline activities of refrigerants, and uneven vibration of refrigerants. If the freezer is used for a long time, there will be many small faults in the supermarket freezer, and sometimes the noise will be very loud when using the freezer. Why?

1. Adjust the balance of the four feet at the bottom of the supermarket freezer. It should be placed on a flat and hard ground. Balance the four feet on the bottom of the freezer on a flat surface. Many refrigerator equipment has a 4-pin adjustment balance knob, which can be adjusted to the maximum noise time and fixed. If you don't have a balance knob, you can place a cushion pad under the freezer to balance it. Minimal noise.

2. The pipes and cabinets are reinforced. Make sure that the reinforced part of the connection between the adjustment outer pipe and the cabinet is not loose, so as to avoid resonance when the compressor is working. Therefore, the external pipes and lengths must be fixed, and spring washers are placed in the bolts to avoid loosening.

3. The compressor base must be firmly fixed. Squeeze the compressor with your hand, the noise will be significantly reduced, and raising your hand will increase the noise. Generally, the force of fixing the vibration damping pad on the base of the compressor is uneven, the bolts are loose, and the bottom plate of the compressor is not firm.

4. The accessories should be installed firmly. In the freezer and refrigerating room of the freezer, the manufacturer has equipped the user with accessories such as ice box, layered network, drawer, etc., which should be installed firmly according to a certain position and the edge of the groove. Do not put sundries on the top of the freezer to prevent resonance and noise.

5. Check whether the compressor is faulty. Pressing the top of the compressor by hand will not reduce noise. Usually, the piston and cylinder clearance inside the compressor is too large, causing noise Replace the compressor. In addition, when the freezer does not open, it is about 3 meters away from the freezer. It is obvious that the sound of the pot opening or the sound of "pop" is heard. The fault of the freezer needs to be repaired by an expert.

6. Use rubber blocks to suppress tube vibration. When the refrigerator is noisy in use, it is best to use waste bicycle tires, cut into a circle with a diameter of 30 mm, and the diameter of the middle is 5 mm
The round holes on the left and right are cut back to the center from the outside so that the rubber can be attached to the tube. When the freezer compressor starts, touch the tube with your hand, and the tube that will produce a vibrating feeling can clamp several such rubber blocks. A freezer needs to install 10-20 pieces, and the noise will soon subside. Because the rubber blocks dampen the "resonance" caused by tube vibration.

7. Pad the four feet of the freezer properly. Pad the freezer 3-6 cm high and adjust the square balance to increase the convection space for the air at the bottom of the box. This way, the compressor noise and the lower bottom come out, reducing the noise from the sides and above the freezer compartment.

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