How to solve the problem of refrigerator fog


There is a lot of fog on the surface of the refrigerato […]

There is a lot of fog on the surface of the refrigerators, refrigerated display cabinets and doors of convenience stores in summer. It is also because of the reason that the refrigerated beverages cannot be seen inside. Is there a problem with the refrigerators? The problem is that it is normal for the freezer to be used in the high temperature and high humidity environment in summer. The exterior temperature of the cabinet exterior and glass door is low, so the moisture in the air condenses on the exterior of the freezer, enclosure, and glass door. If the relative humidity of the air exceeds 80%, the appearance of the door leaf and glass door of the refrigerator and freezer may be damaged. It appears as a string of beads, which is normal. When condensation occurs, wipe the condenser with a soft cloth. After the relative humidity of the environment drops, the condensation phenomenon looks natural and will not affect the function of the freezer and freezer.

1. Put the freezer in a well-ventilated place, not close to the root of the wall and other sealing positions, which can effectively reduce the water mist phenomenon of the glass door.

2. After removing the foggy glass door of the freezer, after washing the glass door of the commercial freezer with soap, do not rinse with water, but directly wipe with a cloth. The possibility of water mist on the glass door of soapy water will be reduced.

3. In summer, by slightly increasing the temperature of the freezer and reducing the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the freezer, the water mist phenomenon of the glass door can be effectively alleviated.

4. There are also customers who sprinkle salt on the glass in the freezer showroom. This is equivalent to coating a layer of glass. The fan can be directly aimed at the glass door, effectively reducing fog.

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