Why does the supermarket freezer leak


The use of supermarket freezers for a long time will in […]

The use of supermarket freezers for a long time will inevitably lead to some problems. The most reported problem by users is the problem of water leakage in refrigerators in supermarkets. Today, let everyone understand the reasons for water leakage in the supermarket freezer room:
1. There is a water tank under the evaporator of the supermarket freezer. During long-term use, the dirt carried by the water on the evaporator accumulates and the drainage of the water tank is full.
2. The process is rough and leaks. Rough manufacturing process, uneven pins on the evaporator, reverse stack repair, poor cold water, too much retention to flow into the basin, causing water droplets inside the enclosure to flow into the wall or floor.
3. Water leakage due to thermal insulation materials. There is a leak in the insulation. After the supermarket freezer runs for a certain period of time, the temperature of the housing part of the indoor machine also drops to the dew point, forming condensed water. Therefore, it is necessary to stick a heat insulating material to this part to prevent condensation. Water leaks can occur due to poor quality or sticky insulation. Therefore, choose a material with good thermal insulation and waterproofness, and the fit should be firm.

4. Refrigerant leakage leads to leakage. If the refrigerant in the supermarket freezer leaks, there is not enough refrigerant in the system and a leak may occur. This requires special attention. Insufficient refrigeration, the evaporation pressure is too low, the evaporator part will be frosted, preventing the condensed water from flowing into the water tray, and the leakage of the mask will lead to leakage. After the evaporator is frosted, solid frost and water are mixed after shutdown, which is prone to leakage. Such faults can be solved by finding the leakage point and supplementing an appropriate amount of refrigerant.
5. Improper installation leads to leakage. When installing the indoor unit of the water-spraying wall-mounted supermarket freezer, the outlet of the socket is higher than the next water plate, and the inclination is insufficient, or the socket is pressed into the hole on the wall, and the water flow is not smooth, thereby leaking.
6. There are foods with high moisture content in the cabinet, such as large pieces of meat, fruits and vegetables that have not been drained.
7. The water tray or evaporator is of poor quality, resulting in aging, cracking or leakage at low temperature (finger water tray) and high temperature (see evaporator).

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