Why does the freezer suddenly stop cooling


Freezers generally work continuously, which is a big te […]

Freezers generally work continuously, which is a big test for the quality of the freezer, so our refrigeration effect is the most important performance in the freezer, but sometimes some minor problems will inevitably occur after a long time: such as finding that it is not cooling NS.

There are many reasons why the freezer does not refrigerate. When we find that the temperature of the freezer is not low, does not freeze, does not refrigerate or the power consumption increases, the first consideration is whether the freezer is damaged or the insulation layer is damaged, which makes the insulation or sealing performance of the freezer worse. , Resulting in increased cooling loss.

Generally, the poor insulation performance of the freezer of custom-made freezer manufacturers is due to insufficient insulation layer thickness of pipes, warehouse insulation walls, etc., and poor insulation and insulation effects. It is mainly caused by improper selection of insulation layer thickness during design or poor quality of insulation materials during construction. Caused. In addition, during construction and use, the thermal insulation and moisture-proof performance of the thermal insulation material may be destroyed, causing the insulation layer to be damp, deformed, or even eroded, and its thermal insulation capacity will decrease, and the loss of cold storage capacity will increase, and the temperature drop will be significantly slowed down. . Another important reason for the large cold loss is the poor sealing performance of the warehouse, and more hot air invades the warehouse from the air leak. Generally, if condensation occurs on the seal of the warehouse door or the seal of the insulation wall of the freezer, it means that the seal is not tight. In addition, frequent opening and closing of the warehouse door or more people entering the warehouse together will increase the cooling capacity loss of the warehouse. Try to avoid opening the warehouse door to prevent a large amount of hot air from entering the warehouse. Of course, when the warehouse stocks frequently or the stock volume is too large, the heat load increases sharply, and it generally takes a long time to cool down to the specified temperature.

The second is that there may be problems with the heat dissipation performance of the freezer equipment of the freezer customization manufacturer. Generally, the evaporator surface is too thick or dusty, which causes the heat transfer effect to decrease.

Generally, another important reason for the slow drop in temperature of the evaporator is the low heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator, which is mainly caused by the thick frost layer or excessive dust accumulation on the surface of the evaporator. Since the surface temperature of the freezer evaporator is mostly lower than 0℃, and the humidity in the warehouse is relatively high, the moisture in the air is very easy to frost or even freeze on the surface of the evaporator, which affects the heat transfer effect of the evaporator.

In order to prevent the frost layer on the evaporator from being too thick, it needs to be defrosted regularly. Here are two simpler defrosting methods:

1. Frosting: After removing the goods in the warehouse, directly rinse the surface of the evaporator pipe with higher temperature tap water to dissolve or fall off the frost layer.

2. Stop defrosting: Stop the compressor, open the warehouse door, and let the warehouse temperature rise. After the frost layer automatically melts, restart the compressor.

In addition to excessively thick frosting will lead to poor heat transfer effects of the evaporator, the surface of the evaporator will not be cleaned for a long time and the dust will be too thick, and its heat transfer efficiency will also be significantly reduced.

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