How to save electricity with freezer


With the continuous improvement of living standards, pe […]

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for the quality of life are gradually increasing, and they are becoming more dependent on a variety of home appliances. As an indispensable food storage appliance for households or businesses, refrigerators need to operate 24 hours a day without interruption, which accounts for a large proportion of the total power consumption. In addition, the power consumption of the freezer is divided into rated power consumption and actual power consumption. Generally, the power consumption indicated on the nameplate of the freezer is the rated power consumption. The actual power consumption refers to the electrical energy consumed by the freezer in actual use. However, if we can use the freezer reasonably and pay attention to the method of use, we can effectively reduce power consumption, save electricity expenses, and reduce the wear and tear of the freezer compressor to a certain extent, thereby extending its service life.

How can we reduce the power consumption of the freezer:

1. Requirements for the placement of the freezer

The freezer should be placed in a place with low indoor temperature and better ventilation, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the freezer and can reduce the number of starts and the startup time of the compressor of the freezer. In addition, there should be a certain gap between the food in the freezer and between the food and the inner wall of the freezer to allow the air in the freezer to circulate, improve the refrigeration effect, and reduce the number and time of compressor startup.

2. Requirements for the number of door openings of the freezer

People who use the freezer have this feeling. Open the door of the freezer and feel the cold air running out, and running the cold air will inevitably cause the temperature inside the box to rise, which will cause the thermostat to fail to reach the shutdown temperature. As a result, the compact captain works all the time and consumes more power.

3. The influence of thermostat on power consumption

Correctly adjust the temperature controller of the freezer to reduce power consumption. Adjust the temperature displayed on the freezer temperature controller according to the environment.

4. The influence of frost in the freezer on power consumption

Frost is a poor conductor of heat, and its thermal conductivity is 1/350 of aluminum. The frost covers the surface of the evaporator and becomes a heat insulation layer between the evaporator and the food in the box, affecting the heat exchange between the evaporator and the food in the box. The temperature inside the box cannot be lowered, and the refrigeration function of the freezer is reduced, thereby increasing power consumption, and even causing the compressor to generate heat due to long-time work, and simply burn the compressor.

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