Reasons and solutions for the non-refrigeration of the freezer


In addition to the poor heat preservation performance a […]

In addition to the poor heat preservation performance and heat dissipation of the freezer evaporator, the freezer does not refrigerate. There are two other common problems that also affect the slower temperature drop of the freezer.

1. There is more air or refrigerated oil in the evaporator, and the heat transfer effect is reduced

Once more refrigerating oil is attached to the inner surface of the heat transfer tube of the evaporator on the freezer, the heat transfer coefficient will decrease. Similarly, if there is more air in the heat transfer tube, the heat transfer area of ​​the evaporator will decrease. The heat transfer efficiency will also be significantly reduced, and the temperature drop rate of the warehouse will be slowed down accordingly. Therefore, in daily operation and maintenance, attention should be paid to timely removing the oil on the inner surface of the evaporator heat transfer tube and exhausting the air in the evaporator to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator.

2. The throttle valve is improperly adjusted or blocked, and the refrigerant flow rate of the freezer is too large or too small

Improper adjustment or blockage of the throttle valve will directly affect the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. When the throttle valve is opened too large, the refrigerant flow is too large, and the evaporating pressure and evaporating temperature will also increase, and the temperature drop rate of the warehouse will slow down; at the same time, when the throttle valve is opened too small or blocked, the refrigerant The flow rate also decreases, the cooling capacity of the system also decreases, and the temperature drop rate of the warehouse will also slow down. Generally, the evaporating pressure, evaporating temperature, and frosting of the suction pipe can be used to judge whether the throttle valve refrigerant flow is appropriate. Throttle valve blockage is an important factor affecting refrigerant flow. The main cause of throttle valve blockage is ice blockage and dirty blockage. The ice blockage is due to the poor drying effect of the dryer. The refrigerant in the freezer contains moisture. When it flows through the throttle valve, the temperature drops below 0°C. The moisture in the refrigerant freezes and blocks the throttle valve hole; Because more dirt has accumulated on the filter at the inlet of the throttle valve, the refrigerant flow is not smooth, which forms a blockage.

Sometimes the freezer is not cooling for a very simple reason, we find that we can deal with it ourselves. If we find that the freezer does not refrigerate due to more complicated reasons, it is better to find the technical maintenance personnel of the freezer custom manufacturer to repair it. If you have to try to repair it yourself, it may produce worse results.

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