Tips for purchasing convenience store refrigerators


Convenience store refrigerators generally work continuo […]

Convenience store refrigerators generally work continuously, which is a big test for the quality of the refrigerators. However, the quality of convenience store refrigerators on the market varies, with prices ranging from 1,000 to 10,000. So how do we buy a convenience store freezer?

First, the quality of convenience store freezers: Therefore, consumers should choose reliable convenience store freezers. When measuring the quality of convenience store freezers, convenience store freezers are durable consumer goods. It can be considered from the two perspectives of technical grade and raw material use. The selection of parts, especially key components, has a great impact on the service life of the freezer. Good quality convenience store freezers use pure copper pipes, imported coated steel plates and other components to ensure the life of the refrigeration system and the rust resistance of the freezer.

Second, the choice of brand: usually a sign of product quality and reputation. Smart consumers based on their own needs, the brand reflects the comprehensive level of an enterprise. Choose convenience store refrigerators from the perspective of cost performance. Low energy consumption, environmentally friendly and economical. During the use process for more than 10 years, additional investment is required. In addition to the one-time investment of thousands of yuan for the convenience store freezer, it is purchased. After-sales service and electricity bills must all be measured by everyone.

Third, the structure of the convenience store freezer: flat-bottomed shallow liner; steel foam door + toughened glass sliding door. These functions not only improve the quality of food refrigeration, but good quality freezer adopts energy-saving dual-temperature conversion control. And it is easy to use.

Fourth, after-sales service, convenience store refrigerators are not disposable products, so strong after-sales service from the factory is required, such as whether there are after-sales outlets in the local area and how long is the after-sales time? All these must be seriously considered.

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