Common conditions and solutions for refrigerators


Supermarkets have become the main place to purchase foo […]

Supermarkets have become the main place to purchase food, and the refrigeration and preservation of food have also become the main considerations of supermarkets. Only fresh vegetables and fruits can bring more customers. The demand for speed food has increased significantly, and the role of the freezer in the storage of cold food and beverages is even more irreplaceable, but sometimes it is inevitable that there will be some glitches.

Common situation 1: Freezing after freezing

Reason: The humidity in the refrigerator compartment of the freezer is high, and the surface temperature of the evaporator inside the refrigerator compartment is very low, so the air moisture in the refrigerator compartment will gather on the back of the refrigerator compartment and condense into ice.

Solution: Reduce the number and time of opening the door. After closing the door, check whether the door is tightly closed; leave a certain gap when placing food in the refrigerator, and try not to place food with high moisture.

Common situation 2: The noise of the freezer is too loud

Cause: The freezer is not placed smoothly, or it is too close to other appliances (walls), causing resonance.

Solution: Adjust the position of the freezer to make it stable and keep a proper distance from other household appliances.

Common situation 3: The temperature of the refrigerator compartment of the freezer is too high

Cause: The ambient temperature in summer is too high, and the temperature difference between it and the inside of the freezer is too large.

Solution: Do not put high-temperature food directly into the freezer; in addition, do not open the door frequently, and do not open the door for too long, and do not put too much food at once.

Common situation 4: heating of the freezer box

Cause: When the freezer is running, the compressor sucks in low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, and after the motor is operated to drive the piston to compress it, the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas is discharged to the exhaust pipe. Therefore, the two sides of the box are plated. Will heat up.

Solution: Keep the side panels of the cabinet clean, leave a heat dissipation space of no less than 250px for the freezer, and pay attention to ventilation when placing the refrigerator.

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