How to maintain the freezer in winter


In winter, there is no need to worry about the deterior […]

In winter, there is no need to worry about the deterioration of food outside, and the number of times the freezer is used is also reduced. So many customers ask how the freezer in the store should be used? How to maintain? How to extend the service life?

The technician said that because the stainless steel in the freezer tank is easier to oxidize at room temperature (after power failure) than at low temperatures, continuous use can slow down the aging phenomenon and relatively extend the life of the freezer. In addition, if the freezer is not used during shutdown, it will cause the unused Freon in the freezer to directly corrode the pipes of the freezer, resulting in internal leakage of the freezer. Therefore, the freezer still has to "exercise" frequently.

How to maintain the freezer in winter

1. In winter, don't stop using the freezer because you don't use it frequently. From the perspective of hygiene and cleanliness, although the temperature is relatively low in winter, it is not stable enough, and the freshness preservation effect is still not as good as the opening temperature of the freezer.

2. If the freezer does not start, it is caused by the low temperature in winter. It is normal to warm up for a certain period of time.

3. If the low-temperature refrigeration switch is turned on, but the freezing effect is still not ideal, the thermostat can be adjusted higher.

4. When the freezer fails to work, first check whether the power supply is faulty, or whether the temperature control of the thermostat is set to the "off" point because of the poor contact of the plug.

5. The food that has just been put in the refrigerator is frozen. This may be caused by the setting of the thermostat too high, or the stored food has contacted the cold source on the back wall of the freezer, causing the food to be frozen.

6. Insufficient freezing of the freezer. One is that the ambient temperature of the freezer is lower than 10°C; the other is that the amount of food stored is too large, causing the internal temperature of the freezer to rise.

7. The defrosting water in the freezer overflows. First, check whether the water outlet is blocked and whether the water receiving box is properly positioned. If there is a problem with the water outlet and the water receiving box, it may cause the defrosting water of the freezer to overflow.

8. Sometimes I hear the sound of running water in the freezer. This kind of sound is the flowing sound of refrigerant working, which is a normal phenomenon, so don't worry.

9. After the freezer is used for a period of time, some of the melted water drops and the residual juice of some commodities will be mixed together and flow into a drain pan at the bottom of the freezer. If the freezer is not cleaned for a long time, the mixture will be moldy and smelly. Odor, so we must clean the inside and outside of the freezer regularly to remove the odor. You can also buy some deodorant and put it in the refrigerator to deodorize. Of course, there are many deodorizing methods, such as using orange peel to deodorizing, lemon deodorizing, vinegar deodorizing, etc. Choose the deodorizing method that suits you, as long as the goal is achieved.


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