The sound of a good freezer is abnormal


Before, we told you that the freezer had a sound, which […]

Before, we told you that the freezer had a sound, which caused a lot of trouble to everyone. We also taught you to check what went wrong and how to fix it. So good that the freezer has a little "sound" that is not normal?

When buying a freezer, you must be very concerned about the sound of the freezer. After all, even if the freezer is not very large, it still affects people's mood if it makes too much noise. Then, there is still no freezer that makes no sound in the market.

So, what kind of sound is considered a normal sound?

1. It is normal for the freezer to make a "hissing" sound or "grunting, grunting" sound of running water during use. These sounds are normal sounds of the refrigerant circulating in the refrigeration pipes of the electric freezer, and will not affect the refrigeration effect. On the contrary, it may be a blockage fault in the refrigeration system.

2. Sometimes a continuous buzzing sound is emitted during the operation of the freezer. This sound comes from a U-shaped exhaust pipe connected to the compressor. The function of this exhaust pipe is to transport the high temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant discharged from the compressor to the condenser.

Considering the effect of thermal expansion and contraction when manufacturing the exhaust pipe, it is usually made into a U shape. When the compressor is running, the U-shaped exhaust pipe will resonate, which is the cause of the buzzing sound. This kind of noise does not affect the normal operation of the freezer. The method to eliminate this sound is very simple, just wrap a rope or a piece of tape around the U-shaped tube so that it does not vibrate.


3. The freezer sometimes emits a slight ticking sound, which is the sound made by the defrosting timer relay when it rotates. In some refrigerators, a slight blowing sound may be heard, which is the sound of cold wind blowing when the small fan of the evaporator of the electric refrigerator is running.

4. It is normal for the freezer to hear a "click" sound when it starts or stops. This is the sound made by the opening or closing of the contacts of the heavy hammer relay, thermal protector or defrost timer, sometimes accompanied by vibration.

Clean the compressor and condenser regularly

Compressors and condensers are important refrigeration components of the freezer. Dust will affect the heat dissipation, resulting in shortened service life and weakened cooling effect of the freezer. Therefore, check regularly and clean up if it is dirty.

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