What to pay attention to when placing food in the cooked food preservation cabinet


In recent years, my country's cooked food cabinets and […]

In recent years, my country's cooked food cabinets and other refrigeration equipment have greatly improved in terms of technology, quality, and sales, providing equipment guarantees for processing enterprises. The development situation of the refrigeration equipment market such as cooked food cabinets has changed with the changes in the quick-frozen food processing industry. Promoted the development of related industries.

So what should be paid attention to when placing food in the deli cabinet?

First of all, when placing foods, they should be placed in parallel, if they are of different categories, they can be displayed vertically. When the freezer customizes the display of goods, the vertical lines between the classification and the classification should be clearly marked, and the goods should be equal and neat, and other basis should be clearly distinguished by analogy, so that it is easy to manage and convenient for customers to shop.

If the display cabinet has two floors, some small portions of cooked food can be placed on the upper floor, and more portions can be placed on the lower floor.

The display of promotional items and newsletters should be enlarged, with a sense of volume and obvious location. The display of special and seasonal products should also be increased, such as roasted suckling pig on Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, Mid-Autumn Moon cakes, etc. The display area of ​​other products should be determined according to the sales volume.

Pay attention to the first-in-first-out principle when replenishing the goods, put the used goods at the front of the noodles, and put the newly added goods inside, and place them in an orderly manner. At the same time, we can also change the display of products according to the characteristics of cooked food products and seasonal changes. For products with normal sales, we should increase the display area and increase the sales volume.

All the food in the fresh meat display cabinet should follow the first-in-first-out principle. Generally, we can divide the food into two categories: hot food and non-hot food. Secondly, hot food is divided into baked, fried, braised, fried, and steamed according to sub-categories; non-hot cold dishes; bread is divided into bread, Chinese and western pasta, pastry, cakes, and pastries. When displaying, it must be classified into large and small categories, and similar items are displayed in one area and clearly marked.

Therefore, the fresh meat display cabinet freezer suggests that some owners of deli shops can use the methods described above to correctly place the food in the deli display cabinet. I believe these methods can also effectively help you improve your food. Sales.

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