Several factors of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping display freezer in fruit shop


In recent years, the fresh-keeping technology of fruit […]

In recent years, the fresh-keeping technology of fruit fresh-keeping refrigerators has become more and more mature, so how does the fruit fresh-keeping refrigerator keep fresh? Today, let’s talk about the five factors of fruit store fresh-keeping cabinets:

1. Humidity factor in the fresh-keeping cabinet, moisture is the source of freshness of fruits and vegetables. Once the fruits and vegetables are short of water, they will dry up and wither. Fruit fresh-keeping refrigerators should maintain 95% moisture so that food can be truly watery.

2. The temperature factor of the fresh-keeping cabinet, different commodities need different storage temperature, such as: yogurt, wine, orange juice, jam, the best storage temperature is 0 degrees Celsius-5 degrees Celsius, so it is suitable to be placed in the refrigerator; fish, fresh The storage temperature of meat, ice cream and other commodities should be lower than -6 degrees Celsius, and storage in the freezer is the most suitable.

3. The gaseous factors of the fresh-keeping display refrigerator, why can't the commodities in the fresh-keeping refrigerator keep fresh forever? The ethylene gas released by fruits and vegetables is easy to ripen food. If the oxygen content in the fruit fresh-keeping refrigerator is too large, it is easy to rot and deteriorate the food. For this reason, it is necessary to effectively absorb ethylene gas and adjust the composition of the air reasonably, so that the freshness of fruits and vegetables can be kept longer.

4. The wind direction factor of the fresh-keeping cabinet, the fruit fresh-keeping refrigerator should adopt multi-faceted air supply to achieve 360-degree air supply, so that the temperature in every corner of the fruit fresh-keeping refrigerator will be more uniform, and the food will not deteriorate due to the fluctuation of temperature, and it will always keep fresh and lively. .

5. Antibacterial factors of the fresh-keeping cabinet. If the antibacterial measures of the fresh-keeping cabinet are not done well, more than 10 kinds of pathogenic microorganisms or viruses will multiply and multiply in the fresh-keeping cabinet, and erode the cytoplasm of the food. It completely loses nutrients, and at the same time it is infected with toxins. Therefore, fruit fresh-keeping refrigerators must achieve a full range of three-dimensional antibacterial functions to prevent "disease from entering the mouth".

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