How to maintain the refrigeration cabinet


Many businesses hope that the refrigerated display cabi […]

Many businesses hope that the refrigerated display cabinets they buy can be used for a longer time, otherwise they will have to be replaced soon, which is too costly. In fact, if you want to extend the service life of convenience store refrigerated display cabinets, daily maintenance is essential. In winter, when the temperature is relatively low, many businesses may cut off the power supply of the convenience store refrigerators and do not use the refrigeration function. Is it okay to put the drinks directly in the refrigerator after the power supply is cut off? Obviously it won't work.

So how to extend the service life of the freezer? Need to do the following:

(1) The power supply voltage must conform to the rated voltage marked on the freezer, and it is required to work within its fluctuation range (generally, the voltage of small electrical appliances is 198-242V, and the large equipment depends on its power). Because the voltage is too low or too high, it is easy to damage the compressor, causing unnecessary losses and affecting the service life of the machine.

(2) For mechanical temperature-controlled refrigerators, do not place the thermostat switch in the forced cooling position (generally, it is better to set it at the 3rd gear). For digital temperature-controlled refrigerators, do not set the temperature too low (generally, the refrigerating temperature is set to 5 degrees, and the freezing temperature is set to -18 degrees). Otherwise, if the temperature is set too low, if the compressor works for a long time, it will not only consume electricity, but also affect it.

(3) Freezer customization reminder, move the freezer lightly, try not to let the inclination of the freezer and the ground exceed 45 degrees when the master is not present.

(4) Keep the surface of the freezer clean and hygienic at all times to make it difficult to corrode. Only in this way can it be durable.

(5) The condenser must be cleaned frequently (generally once every three months is better), because the surface of the condenser is too dirty to easily cause the refrigeration depth to not meet the design requirements, resulting in a long start-up time. This not only consumes electricity but also affects the service life of the machine.

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