What principles should the cold chain follow


With the development of science and technology and the […]

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, many natural resources in a resource rich country like ours need to be transported back and forth. In the process of transportation, many foods need to be refrigerated and kept fresh, so a food cold chain has gradually formed. Let's tell you what principles our food cold chain follows.

First of all, there are still some gaps in the technical level and equipment development of food cold chain in China. The safety assurance of frozen food emphasizes that 3C, 3P, 3T and other principles will be the top priority for the development of China's refrigerator industry. The food refrigeration process should follow the 3C and 3P principles: cooling, cleaning and care. That is to ensure that the products are clean and free from pollution; The product shall be cooled or frozen as soon as possible, and the product shall enter the required low temperature state as soon as possible; Be careful in the whole process of operation to avoid any damage to the product.

So what is 3P and what are its principles? The 3P principle refers to: Products, Processing and Package. The raw materials to be processed must be fresh and uncontaminated products; Adopt reasonable processing technology; Finished products must have packaging that meets health and hygiene standards and does not pollute the environment. The storage and transportation process shall follow the 3T principle. The 3T principle means that the final quality of products also depends on the time, Temperature and Tolerance of products stored and circulated in the cold chain. The 3T principle points out the relationship between the time allowed to maintain the quality of frozen food and the product temperature. The quality change of frozen food mainly depends on temperature. The lower the product temperature of frozen food is, the longer the good quality is kept.

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