How to choose a suitable low temperature freezer


Because the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer joint […]

Because the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer jointly complete. In the early days, low-temperature freezer sales included wholesale and retail of frozen food. The sales of frozen food are mainly undertaken by retailers' retail cars and retail stores. In recent years, supermarkets have emerged in large numbers in cities, making them the main sales channels of frozen food. The freezer in the supermarket has the functions of refrigeration and sales. To choose a low temperature freezer that suits you, we need to know all kinds of knowledge about low temperature freezers.
Under the condition of market economy, the commercial system, the light industry system, the foreign trade system, and the aquatic product system all work independently to produce frozen food. There are no uniform industrial standards and norms to follow. How can the management be disordered? As a result, the quality of frozen food is uneven. As far as the current situation is concerned, there are problems with frozen food. In addition, most frozen food manufacturers in China use the original refrigerators, low-temperature freezers, etc. to produce frozen food, There is no continuous quick freezing equipment, and there is no uniform product quality standard and hygiene specification, which results in slow freezing products flooding the market, reducing the quality of frozen food and damaging the reputation of frozen food.

Food refrigeration is composed of four aspects: freezing processing, freezing storage, refrigerated transportation and frozen sales: including the cooling and freezing of meat and fish; The precooling of fruits and vegetables and the processing of various quick-frozen foods. It mainly involves cooling and freezing devices. It also includes controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables. It mainly involves various refrigerators, refrigerated freezers, frozen freezers and household freezers. Frozen storage: including cold storage and frozen storage of food. Therefore, refrigerated transportation includes medium and long distance transportation and short distance delivery of food. It mainly involves railway refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated ships, refrigerated containers and other low-temperature freezer transportation tools. The fluctuation of temperature during transportation is one of the main reasons for the decline of food quality. The transportation means must have good performance, not only to maintain the specified low temperature freezer, but also to avoid large temperature fluctuations, especially for long-distance transportation.

Choose a low temperature freezer that is suitable for you. Its maintenance is particularly important for prolonging its life and normal use. If the temperature control is not accurate, the stored objects are often damaged, which has a great impact on the experimental results, thus affecting the normal progress of the research work. In case of power failure, the power switch and battery switch behind the freezer must be turned off. When normal power supply is restored, turn on the power switch behind the freezer first, and then turn on the battery switch. Heat dissipation is very important to the freezer. Keep the indoor ventilation and good heat dissipation environment. The ambient temperature should not exceed 30C.

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