Common sense for long-term use of refrigerators


The normal service life of refrigerators is generally a […]

The normal service life of refrigerators is generally about 10 to 12 years. The supermarket refrigerators that have been out of service are aging, and the power consumption is twice that of the original ones. The previous cold technology is not advanced enough, but the current refrigerators are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
1. When should the refrigerator compressor be replaced?
If the refrigerator has excessive noise, large power consumption, poor refrigeration effect, water leakage, and shivering during operation, it should be replaced.

2. Why should the refrigerator be replacedThe most important thing is the old refrigerator, which is not as effective as before in terms of cooling effect. It may not be able to keep food fresh, and the dust accumulated in the body parts is also increasing. If it is not cleaned up in time, it is easy to cause a short circuit. The fresh-keeping and bactericidal functions will be degraded, resulting in food smell and no fresh-keeping. At the same time, refrigerant will leak, pollute the environment and endanger health.

3. How to maintain the refrigerator
When using the refrigerator, regularly check the dust on the compressor and condenser, and clean it in time to avoid affecting the heat dissipation and resulting in poor refrigeration effect; The inside of the refrigerator will also smell after a long time of use. You should regularly unplug the power plug, wipe and clean the cabinet, and close the cabinet door after the cabinet is fully dry. Finally, Ouxue Refrigerator suggests replacing the old one in time. The new one is not only more energy-saving and environment-friendly than the previous one, but also has more functions and better effects on food preservation and refrigeration.

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