Necessary knowledge of supermarket refrigerator


Supermarket refrigerator series are suitable for the pr […]

Supermarket refrigerator series are suitable for the preservation and refrigeration of meat, seafood, fresh meat, etc., and also suitable for hotels to serve as order cabinets. With wide glass windows, you can see things at a glance. The raw materials are made of stainless steel or high-quality spraying steel plate. The unique air duct structure of Eurosnow refrigerator effectively promotes the circulation of air flow and keeps fresh meat and aquatic products fresh and delicious at all times.

Whether the refrigeration effect of supermarket freezer is normal. It mainly checks the temperature in the cabinet. If the temperature in the cabinet meets the requirements of the manual, the refrigerator is normal. As the manufacturing process of some refrigerators requires that some parts do not have evaporation tubes, the parts here may not frost, and because the temperature in the cabinet is gradually transferred to each position, the temperature of each part of the refrigerator will reach equilibrium after working for a period of time, so the amount of no frost or frost can not be used as a standard to determine the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator.

Items for daily inspection of refrigerator:
1. Check the drain pipe of the refrigerator. If the drain pipe is blocked, the water will leak into the freezer. It is necessary to poke the drain pipe with iron wire to remove the things accumulated on the drain pipe.
2. Check the vibration, noise and compressor temperature of the supermarket refrigerator. When touching the compressor casing during operation, there should be no obvious vibration sense, and no obvious startup sound of the compressor should be heard in the daytime.
3. Check whether there are cracks on the power line of the refrigerator to prevent electric leakage.
4. When the supermarket cabinet is out of service for a long time, the power supply should be cut off first, all the food in the cabinet should be taken out, the inside and outside of the cabinet should be cleaned, and the cabinet door should be opened for several days to fully dry the cabinet and remove the peculiar smell in the refrigerated display cabinet.

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