What is the cause of freezer noise


The freezer is one of the indispensable household appli […]

The freezer is one of the indispensable household appliances in every family. Its noise has always been one of the problems that troubles users. It buzzes all day long, which affects both rest and mood. However, many freezers suddenly have noise after long-term use, but people do not know why.

There are three reasons for the noise of the refrigerator:

1 The freezer is placed in an uneven position. The ground where the freezer is placed is uneven or the placement is uneven, which is a common reason for the noise of the freezer. The solution is to twist the adjustment screw at the bottom of the freezer to adjust the height. When the adjustment screw touches the ground and the four feet touch the ground, it is the best state.

There are items on top of the freezer. The freezer and the items placed on top of it will resonate when the motor starts, causing noise. Remove the items on the top of the freezer so that it does not resonate, and the noise is naturally eliminated.

2 A small object has fallen into the machine section at the rear of the freezer. The rear machine part of the freezer (small things, such as bottle caps, lighters, small tools, etc., have fallen into the lower part of the back of the freezer, will also produce noise. The noise disappears when the item is taken out.

3 Experts explained: The fundamental role of the freezer is to prolong the preservation time of food. A good freezer should be quiet and fresh. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the preservation effect while requiring low noise. Can't mute for mute's sake.

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Refrigerant: R600a

Control means: Electronic control/mechanical control

Unit dimension: R445x800mm

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