Various tips for using the freezer in your daily life


If there are not many items stored in the ice cream mak […]

If there are not many items stored in the ice cream maker, you can place a slightly larger beverage bottle containing salt water in the freezer, or purchase lemons and pick lemon slices and place them around, so as to balance the temperature difference inside the cabinet and ensure the VC and VC of fruits and vegetables. Nutrient content, thereby reducing the number of compressors on and off and prolonging the service life of the compressor. When using the glass display freezer, in order to facilitate the staff to supplement, arrange and price the products. The price tag and the commodity should correspond to each other, and the price should be adjusted in place.

If the freezer is open, it should avoid the direct blowing of electric fans, air conditioners and fans, which will affect its cooling effect, and the night curtain should be closed during non-business hours. Goods that have not been put into the supermarket freezer should be kept well and ready to be put into the supermarket freezer in time. The products that need to be packaged should be packaged as soon as possible, weighed and placed in the supermarket freezer.

If the condenser of the supermarket freezer is of the fin type, it should be cleaned with a brush every other month or so to improve the heat dissipation effect. The quality and quantity of newly imported goods should be checked, spot-checked, and whether the incoming quantity is the same as the order. Pay attention to organize the display cabinets, and the lighting of the supermarket freezer should be sufficient.

The freezer condenser is generally under the steel plate of the cabinet, so the freezer should be placed in a well-ventilated place, and the dust outside the cabinet should be wiped off in time, so that the condensation effect of the condenser can be improved so as to improve the cooling effect and save electricity. Purpose. After the freezer has been used for a long time, the liner of the freezer is easy to frost, so it is necessary to defrost the refrigerated display cabinet frequently (about seven days) to improve the cooling effect.

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