How to keep fruits and vegetables fresher in the freezer in summer


It is not difficult for modern freezers to keep food fr […]

It is not difficult for modern freezers to keep food fresh, but how to keep fruits and vegetables fresher in the freezer is also very important, rather than stuffing them all into the freezer. Below, the editor will introduce the preservation of fruits and vegetables. Tips.

People often regard the freezer as a "fresh-keeping box", and put the food that cannot be eaten temporarily in the freezer. However, some food will rot and deteriorate after being stored in the freezer. It is not suitable to put it in the freezer. If stored in the wrong place, bananas will turn black and rotten, while tomatoes will be blistered after being frozen at low temperature, appear soft and rotten, undercooked, and have no umami. In severe cases, they will be sour and rotten. Chocolate: Chocolate is stored in the freezer. After taking it out, it will form a layer of hoarfrost on its surface at room temperature, which is very easy to mold and deteriorate and lose its original flavor.

After fruits and vegetables are picked, the nutrients such as vitamins in them will be lost over time. If it is stored in the freezer, because the temperature is low, the activity of bacteria and enzymes will be greatly reduced, and if the temperature is low, the pores of the plant will shrink and the communication with the air will be reduced. Nutrients are not easily lost. Can achieve the effect of preservation. So, how can you keep fruits and vegetables fresher in the freezer in spring? Please refer to the description below.

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Food in the freezer should be as fresh and clean as possible. Because the food of good quality has a small base of microorganisms, the total number of microorganisms after reproduction can be reduced, and it is not easy to contaminate other food stored in the refrigerator. The food placed in the freezer should have certain packaging, including fresh film covering, its role is to prevent the food from freeze-drying, odor, mutual contamination, and to reduce the number of defrosting. Fruit and vegetable clad kraft paper. Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the School of Food Science of China Agricultural University, pointed out that fruits and vegetables contain a lot of moisture, and they will lose moisture and nutrients even in the freezer. Kraft paper is highly absorbent and can absorb the evaporated moisture and return it to them, but the storage time is also limited. Do not exceed 3 days. In addition, raw and cooked should be separated, and use a crisper. After opening the sausage, roast chicken and other cooked meat products, do not put them directly into the refrigerator together with the packaging bag, which will not only pollute the freezer environment, but also accelerate their deterioration, so they can be placed in the crisper. In addition, raw fish and meat can also be stored in a crisper and stored in the freezer compartment of the freezer.

It is worth reminding that, remember that the food in the freezer should not be overfilled. The freezer should not be overcrowded for storing food, and it is better to leave a certain gap, so that the air in the freezer can be convection normally, so as to reduce the load of the unit. Too much food is crowded together, and it is very easy to cause cross-infection of bacteria between foods, resulting in various discomforts and various diseases in the human body. The freezer uses the negative oxygen ions and ozone generated by the high-voltage negative electrostatic field to achieve its purpose. Negative oxygen ions can passivate the enzymes that metabolize fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing the respiration intensity of fruits and vegetables and weakening the production of ethylene, a fruit ripening agent. Ozone is a strong oxidant, as well as a good disinfectant and bactericide. The freezer can not only kill and eliminate the microorganisms on fruits and vegetables and their secreted toxins, but also inhibit and delay the hydrolysis of organic matter in fruits and vegetables, thereby prolonging the time of fruit and vegetables. Vegetable storage period.

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