Freezer evaporator installation precautions


The closer the freezer compressor is to the evaporator, […]

The closer the freezer compressor is to the evaporator, the better. It is mainly easy to maintain and has better heat dissipation. If it is installed outdoors, pay attention to rain protection. The four corners of the main unit need to be placed with shock-proof gaskets. The horizontal installation is firm, and it is not easy to be touched by people.

1. The connection of the refrigeration system installed in the freezer is sealed in the factory because the condenser and evaporator of the main unit are pressed and sealed in the factory. Therefore, when opening the package, there should be pressure to check whether there is any leakage. The copper pipes should have dust sealing measures at both ends. Pay attention to sealing at any time to prevent dust from entering the tube, condenser→host→evaporator, and copper pipes are connected by welding, and the interface is firm and beautiful.

2. The radiator installation The radiator installation position is as close as possible to the host, preferably in the upper position of the host, the freezer radiator installation position has the best heat dissipation environment, and the air intake should not face the air outlet of other equipment, especially the oily gas. The tuyere should not be short-circuited and facing other windows (especially residential windows) and equipment. It should be 2M high from the ground and the installation level should be firm.

3. The temperature control probe is installed. The probe and the temperature display probe are inserted into the return air outlet of the evaporator in the fresh meat cabinet together, and are suspended in the air. The defrosting temperature control is also fixed on the top plate, and the probe is also perforated into the return air outlet of the evaporator in the fresh meat cabinet. The probe is inserted into the fin (can not be close to the electric heating tube), the temperature control and defrosting temperature control are fixed in the rear corner of the evaporator in the fresh meat cabinet, and all wirings are sealed.

4. All copper pipes discharged from the upright freezer should be wrapped separately through insulation pipes and wires in the same direction with air-conditioning cable ties. Try to straighten the pipe samples and fix them in sections. The joints between the insulation pipes and the insulation pipes are sealed with electrical tape.

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