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Convenience store freezers are equipped with temperatur […]

Convenience store freezers are equipped with temperature recorders, supermarket freezers with temperature records. It is convenient for users to monitor the temperature in real time and monitor the temperature of each part of the freezer of the convenience store in various storage periods, so as to ensure the storage conditions of the stored items. A new tandem double-capillary supermarket freezer refrigeration cycle is proposed. The circulation system is a conventional refrigeration cycle by adding a capillary between the refrigerating evaporator and the refrigerating evaporator, aiming at the defects of large heat exchange temperature difference and large effective energy loss in the refrigerating chamber of the refrigerating and freezing box using the radical vapor compression refrigeration cycle. In order to increase the refrigerated evaporation temperature, thereby reducing the heat transfer temperature difference, thereby reducing the effective energy loss of the refrigerating room.

The supermarket freezer uses the PR equation to calculate the thermodynamic properties of the refrigerant, compiles the effective energy analysis program of the vapor compression refrigeration cycle, and calculates the radical and newly proposed refrigeration cycles of the refrigerator-freezer. The results show that: when the refrigerant is R12R134a, the effective energy efficiency of the refrigeration cycle of the radical convenience store freezer is 21.20% and 20.57%, respectively; when the refrigerant is R12R134a, the effective energy efficiency of the double capillary convenience store refrigerator refrigeration cycle is 23.97% and 23.44%, respectively. ; Year-on-year increase of 13.07% and 13.95%.

Convenience store supermarket freezers allow you to lock in freshness and have a good taste of life. The product adopts humanized design, ecological preservation and temperature change technology, intelligent control and new technology without CFC. Compared with the existing ordinary refrigerators, it contains quite high technical content and has strong competitiveness in the market. The equipment can be used in common with other products. New technologies and processes adopted: energy-saving technology; green technology; in the matching design of the non-CFC refrigeration system, the basic data of each parameter has been determined through strict demonstration and calculation; the multi-cycle intelligent control system is adopted. The convenience store freezer is efficient and super energy-saving, with a beautiful appearance, and a unique -2℃~-9℃ changing greenhouse.

The low temperature of the supermarket freezer is mainly realized by the refrigeration compressor. This method mainly uses a channel freezer or a fluidized bed to freeze and refrigerate through airflow. Place the food to be frozen and refrigerated on the conveyor belt and store it carefully: The following methods can be used for freezing and refrigerating food in industry: airflow freezing and refrigeration, contact freezing and refrigeration, and low-temperature freezing and refrigeration. Air-flow freezing and refrigeration, contact freezing and refrigeration are radical methods. Cold air is sent from the aisle and flows over the food.

Convenience store freezer aisle blast freezer is suitable for all packaged food, unpackaged food, regular-shaped food and irregular-shaped food. When the fluidized bed freezes, the bottom mesh tank pushes the cold air upward, and the loose, unpackaged food moves back and forth and is frozen by the cold air. The use of freezer belts, flexible steel belts or rotating cylinders is another traditional method of freezer refrigeration in contact freezer refrigeration. In this method, the packaged food is placed between metal plates, and a coolant flows between the metal plates, cooling the metal plates to about minus 40 degrees Celsius. Convenience store supermarket freezers are mainly used for freezing and refrigerating block foods such as fish fillets or creamed spinach.

This can be achieved by low-temperature freezer refrigeration in supermarket freezers. Put the food to be frozen and refrigerated in liquid nitrogen (minus 196°C or liquid carbon dioxide (minus 78°C) to freeze and refrigerate it into high-quality single quick-frozen food. The internal principle of low-temperature freezing and refrigeration is relatively simple: the moment it enters the freezer , the potential of low-temperature freezing and refrigeration is endless: more and more frozen and refrigerated products are sold in small pieces. Convenience store freezers are all used in decentralized freezing and refrigeration. Liquid nitrogen boils, carbon dioxide sublimates, and the process requires energy (heat) from the food acquired, resulting in the food being cooled and eventually frozen.

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