How to ensure food freshness in supermarket cooked food freezers


How to ensure the freshness of food in the supermarket […]

How to ensure the freshness of food in the supermarket cooked food freezer? First of all, the placement of the upright freezer, there should be no heat source around the supermarket freezer, and a certain space should be left around to facilitate the circulation of air. If possible, it is best to place it in a ventilated place. place. Most of the cooked food in the supermarket is exposed in the air. Some supermarkets put the cooked food on sale in a conspicuous position, and some supermarkets do not have dust-proof facilities for the bulk food directly imported. Let customers smell, smell and measure without any cover.

The sales staff of cooked food and pastries should wear clean masks and gloves; the preparation of cooked cold dishes and cake decoration should be equipped with special processing rooms; the sales of bulk food directly imported should be covered with dust-proof materials, according to the new standard. Set up isolation facilities. Supermarket cooked food storage food and raw materials should be equipped with necessary low-temperature storage equipment, the new standard stipulates. Including the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer is -2℃~5℃, and the temperature of the supermarket cooked food freezer is lower than -18℃. I failed to replace the thermometer that normally displays the temperature in time. Today, the author saw that there was no thermometer placed in the freezer of some supermarkets or the thermometer was damaged. This makes it impossible for consumers to know the temperature in the supermarket freezer. Some supermarkets don't meet the requirements even though the thermometer is working properly. The temperature of the low temperature food freezer is 11°C.

Secondly, the food placed inside the supermarket deli freezer should also have a certain gap to facilitate the circulation of cold air. In the place of the supermarket freezer, there should be space left, food should not be placed, and the merchandise should not be displayed too much, so as not to affect the display quality of the cabinet. The food placed in the freezer is also very particular. First, items that affect food safety cannot be placed, and secondly, flammable and volatile chemical items cannot be placed. The interior of the supermarket deli freezer should be cleaned monthly, and the power supply should be disconnected before cleaning. The main places to clean up are the rubbish on the shelves and shelves, as well as the sanitation of the air vents, which should be cleaned up. At the same time, be careful not to spill water on the motor, otherwise it will cause danger when it is powered on. The outside of the freezer should be cleaned every day, kept clean at all times, and decontaminated with detergent regularly.

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