Various environmental requirements for food preservation in freezers


The preservation of food in the refrigerator must first […]

The preservation of food in the refrigerator must first increase the value of the commodity. At present, there are SM liquid film, Jing 2B high-fat film, AB preservative, SG sucrose ester, wax liquid, etc. The purpose of coating treatment is to improve the appearance of fruit. Different environments determine different preservation effects. Most of these coatings in the freezer contain bactericide ingredients, so they also have antiseptic functions. When disposing of paint, attention should be paid to the concentration of use and the thickness of the film formed on the fruit. Too high concentration and too thick film will lead to anaerobic respiration, which will seriously affect the storage quality. The effect is generally better when used on fruits for sale and short-term storage.

It is generally believed that the temperature of citrus is 2~3 ℃, and the suitable temperature and humidity conditions for citrus storage vary according to different species. The temperature of sweet orange is 3~5 ℃ in the freezer, and the temperature of banana orange is 7~9 ℃, but there are differences in different regions due to different cultivation conditions and varieties, which should be determined according to the conditions of different varieties in each region. The control of humidity in the freezer storage of citrus should also be mastered according to the requirements of different varieties. For example, Sichuan sweet oranges should be stored in a refrigerator with a relative humidity of more than 95%, and Wenzhou sweet oranges should be stored in a refrigerator with a relative humidity of about 85%.

Someone in the industry once pointed out that freezer companies should pay attention to the opportunities brought by the market growth period, and comprehensively upgrade the entire industrial chain from raw materials, core components, and manufacturing. From the current point of view, my country's freezer products are gradually developing in the direction of serialization, intelligence and fashion. Whether the product has excellent technology determines how far the brand can go. The carbon dioxide concentration in the freezer storage environment is too high to cause carbon dioxide damage, and citrus fruits are sensitive to carbon dioxide. Different species of citrus have different tolerances for carbon dioxide.

Improve the preservation effect of food freezers. On the basis of fungicide treatment, 0.01~0.02 mm thick polyethylene film is used for single fruit folding or bagging: it can reduce weight loss. After rain, citrus should be harvested in the early morning when it is cool. It is not suitable to harvest in the early morning when the dew is not dry. The picked fruits should be gently placed in the fruit basket or freezer, and the damaged fruits, fallen fruits, diseased fruits and secondary fruits should be placed separately, and should not be mixed with good fruits. The harvested fruits should be transported to the storage freezer in time, carefully selected and graded, so that the specifications and quality of the fruits of the same level should be consistent, and anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out in time.

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