Refrigeration method of goods in supermarket freezer


Refrigerated ice-cold water treatment of commodities: a […]

Refrigerated ice-cold water treatment of commodities: a method of covering fresh products with ice-cold water and crushed ice. Such as: chilled fish, onion, garlic, etc. Supermarket freezer ice brine treatment: provide a treatment with a salt concentration of 3.5% plus crushed ice to reduce the water temperature to 0 °C. This method can keep the nutrients of fresh commodities not easily lost and keep fresh. Such as: fish preservation of aquatic products.

The supermarket freezer makes its breathing drop rapidly before it reaches the height. Strong wind pre-cooling equipment: use strong wind to pre-cool. As a result, the leaves are kept green, and it is often used for leafy vegetables that have just been picked. The environment of its Susheng warehouse is under the conditions of 35 ℃ low temperature and 9095% humidity, and the method of refrigerating Susheng to improve the freshness of fresh commodities that have begun to decline again. can be executed. To prevent water loss, shrinkage, plastic wrap: inhibit the evaporation of water. In order to achieve the purpose of preservation, it inhibits respiration and prevents unnecessary consumption of respiratory heat, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation. With the diversification of functions, the urban market demand is changing to fashion and convenience, and the consumption trend of supermarket freezers is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the accelerated upgrading and adjustment of the home appliance industry will become the main theme of the industry's development. In terms of product structure, intelligent, high-end and green innovative products are the development direction; in terms of industrial chain layout, Chinese enterprises gradually extend to the upstream device industry, and their status in the international upstream industrial chain will gradually improve; Force direction transformation; third, fourth and international market sales channels will be further breakthroughs.

The home appliance supermarket freezer market has developed quite maturely today. Changes in consumer demand and consumption concept are the main reasons for promoting the upgrade of consumption structure; and this upgrade is often first reflected in high-end products. For China's home appliance supermarket freezer industry, the profits brought by high-end products are enough to support the company's high investment in technology research and development, and it is conducive to the long-term development of the company. "High-end products often represent the market position of an industry or brand. In the face of the ever-escalating needs of consumers, abandoning the high-end supermarket freezer market is tantamount to bucking the trend and will eventually be eliminated by the beverage cooler market.

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