Understand the safe and correct use of refrigerators


In summer, in addition to the air conditioner giving me […]

In summer, in addition to the air conditioner giving me a second life, as a "food steward" refrigerator, I also paid a lot of credit. Every day when I return home under the hot weather, I open the refrigerator and fill it with an iced drink. The whole person is instantly refreshed!

But if the refrigerator itself has potential safety hazards, or improper use, it will bring many safety problems, such as "fridge explosion"! Yes, you read that right, the refrigerator will really explode! Today I will show you how safe the refrigerator is The correct way to open...

Why does the refrigerator explode? As a result of improper storage of items, so what can not be placed in the refrigerator?

Flammable and explosive materials

When storing inflammable and explosive materials such as alcohol and gasoline in the refrigerator, because of the small size of the refrigerator, explosive mixtures are easily formed, and electric sparks are generated when the refrigerator is switched on and off, which may cause explosion and fire. At the same time, flammable vapors such as alcohol may be detonated, and the consequences are very serious!

Store carbonated drinks or beer in the freezer

Because carbonated drinks have a large amount of gaseous substances, and the cans containing carbonated drinks and beer are airtight, the volume of the drink will expand after freezing, so it is easy to explode at the moment of opening.

The glassware is placed in the air outlet of the freezer or cold room

Glass bottles or glass containers placed in the air outlet of the air duct system of the freezer or refrigerator may cause the bottle to burst, and the danger can be imagined!

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