Precautions for the use of beverage display cabinets


The vertical beverage display cabinet is welcomed by th […]

The vertical beverage display cabinet is welcomed by the merchants in the retail industry, and it has a wider application space according to the different materials and the variety of models. Moreover, the high-quality vertical display cabinet not only has a unique appearance design, but also a stronger structure. It is also easier for consumers to use in disassembly and assembly. So what should be paid attention to when using a vertical display cabinet?

1. Clean in time

Vertical display cabinets should be cleaned in time after being used for a period of time. The surface can be wiped with warm water, and the products should be cleaned first when placing goods inside to keep the area clean to avoid excessive dust and affect the cooling effect;

2. The placement of goods

Each type of vertical display cabinet will be equipped with a shelf, and its load is 20 kilograms per layer, so it should be arranged according to the size of the goods in a reasonable arrangement; the shelf should not exceed the range of the shelf when placed, because the layer There must be a gap between the shelf and the glass door, otherwise it will affect the placement of the air-conditioning; not to mention directly hanging objects on the door, if the weight is heavy, it may cause dangerous situations such as the freezer to overturn and the objects to fall;

3. Shorten the door opening time

During the use of the vertical display cabinet, the door should not be opened too frequently, which will cause the loss of air-conditioning, and appropriately shortening the opening time will reduce the power consumption;

4. Precautions for not using for a long time

If you do not use the vertical display cabinet for a long time, you should take out all the goods inside, then unplug the power plug, clean the inside and outside, especially some corners should be deeply cleaned, and then open the cabinet door and let it dry before putting it in the warehouse. Keep it, and it is forbidden to put it in a place where children play to avoid danger.

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