What is a commercial freezer


I believe that in everyone's mind, the impression of co […]

I believe that in everyone's mind, the impression of commercial refrigerators is very vague. Naturally, at that time, they were rarely applied to commercial refrigerators in their daily lives. It is very likely that in some areas, in the case of New Year, as much as possible to store as much meat as possible, a commercial refrigerator will be bought to store the gift boxes of the New Year.

Although everyone rarely uses it, they can often see, even in the daily life, a fixed shadow that will not change. If you turn your head around, you will see it in shopping malls, cinemas, kitchens, restaurants, restaurants, and even the stoker shops on the street. When you see here, many people have a worry in their hearts: Oh! What do you think is a huge object, but isn’t that a refrigerator? How did it become a commercial refrigerator again?

In fact, refrigerators and commercial refrigerators are two completely different products. It is possible that there are many similarities in their functions, but they are completely different in specific applications.

Refrigerator is a kind of freezing equipment that maintains a stable ultra-low temperature, and it is also a civilian product that maintains a stable ultra-low temperature and thermal state of food materials or other objects. The box body is equipped with a refrigerating unit and an ice maker for freezing cabinets or boxes, and a storage box containing refrigerating machinery and equipment.

Commercial refrigerators refer to freezing or refrigerated refrigerators used to store ice cream, healthy drinks, dairy products, refrigerated products, raw materials for food companies, etc., in commercial service operation distribution points such as large shopping malls, milk tea shops, frozen goods stores, and hotel rooms. Commercial refrigerators have strong professional capabilities. They not only have technical and professional storage temperature regulations, but also have strong requirements for presentation. The refrigerators with good presentation can reasonably promote the market sales of operators. Therefore, commercial refrigerators are rich in The sexual feature is that the front and back sides or double-layer fully transparent glass sliding doors are mostly used (except for restaurants, kitchens, restaurants, and refrigerators used to store raw materials for food companies), and the internal objects can be seen without opening the door of the refrigerator.

In the commercial refrigerator family, there are many brothers and sisters, and each brother and sister will "glow and heat" in a different situation. Every commercial refrigerator has its own "good skills".

Commercial refrigerators are roughly divided into three categories: commercial refrigerators, commercial refrigerators, refrigerators in restaurants, kitchens, and restaurants.

One: The temperature in the commercial refrigerator cabinet is 0-10 degrees, which is widely used in the storage market and sales of a variety of healthy beverages, dairy products, fresh fruits, and bouquet packaging. According to the loading port method, it can be divided into column type (front opening type), top opening type, and air curtain type. The column type refrigerator is divided into one-door, double-door, three-door, multi-door refrigerators and refrigerators. The top-opening type is barrel-shaped and square. , The wind curtain includes two types: front open and top open.

Two: The temperature in commercial refrigerated freezer cabinets is generally below -15 degrees Celsius, and the key is to store ice cream, quick-frozen dumplings, gnocchi, and refrigerated meat products in the storage market.

Three: restaurant kitchen restaurant refrigerator, also known as restaurant kitchen restaurant refrigerator, is an ultra-low temperature storage industrial equipment used in the catering industry to store food. Because the restaurant kitchen refrigerator is used for the topography and landforms of the restaurant kitchen restaurant, and it must touch the food enterprises and raw materials, it should have the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, safety fire protection, antibacterial, daily cleaning, etc., so the restaurant kitchen restaurant refrigerator Extensive stainless steel plate.

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