What are the shopping tips for convenience store freezers


As the retail industry gradually transforms into conven […]

As the retail industry gradually transforms into convenience stores, stores and supermarkets, convenience store freezers have become more and more widely used throughout the convenience store industry, and they have become one of the indispensable tools for the convenience store industry to operate cold drinks and beverages! How should a convenience store choose a freezer?

1. The refrigeration function of the freezer
For convenience store consumers, there are more and more convenience stores on the market, but only convenience stores with better drinking taste can attract customers to come back again, so the cooling function is good or bad, it determines whether the convenience store freezer can last for cooling , While keeping the consumer's mouth for a long time, keep their people. In order to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent, major merchants should pay special attention to the refrigeration function when purchasing refrigerators. At present, the better way of refrigeration control is computer temperature control. The entire refrigeration thermostat adopts intelligent Led digital display dual temperature dual control, It truly ensures that the freezer maintains a constant refrigeration and low temperature environment to achieve the best taste of beverage refrigeration.

2. Refrigeration method of freezer
Merchants tend to ignore the refrigeration method of the freezer when buying a freezer. Finally, the cost of using the freezer is different due to different cooling methods. Different freezers should pay attention to the refrigeration method of the freezer. There are mainly three common refrigeration methods for the freezer: 1. Direct cooling type, cheap, relatively energy-saving, large useful volume, good freshness and moisturizing function, but the temperature is uneven, it needs frequent Defrost. 2. Air-cooled refrigeration, active defrosting, low humidity, average cold temperature, food is easy to air dry and dehydrated, suitable for humid areas such as the coast and the Yangtze River. 3. Direct-cooled air-cooled refrigeration type, direct cooling to the refrigerating room and air cooling to the freezer, both have the advantages of both, but high power consumption.

3. The quality of the freezer is good or bad
As a convenience store merchant, choosing a convenience store freezer is a long-term use plan, so the durability of the freezer must be considered, so it is very important to choose a good quality and durable freezer. The freezer design should be humanized and meet the needs of life; the quality of the freezer is often more guaranteed for manufacturers with high skills. High-quality components such as pure steel pipes and export coated steel plates are an index of the life of refrigeration systems.

4. Reasonable low energy consumption
As consumers become more emotional in their shopping, the issue of energy consumption in refrigerators has aroused widespread concern, and manufacturers have introduced energy-saving refrigerators one after another. But it’s not that the lower the energy consumption, the better. In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving, some manufacturers simply increase the insulation layer or adopt new techniques, but such energy saving is at the cost of increasing the price, and the same function will be affected to a certain extent. Energy saving requires not only the improvement of the product itself, but also the careful design and matching of the core component, the compressor unit. The units matched by different engineers are likely to be different, and the energy consumption of different units is certainly not the same.

5. After-sales service
The best freezer is always returned to the factory for repair, so in addition to choosing a reliable freezer, the good after-sales efficiency of the freezer manufacturer is also the customer needs to consider when purchasing the freezer. When thinking about it, we can weigh the manufacturer’s after-sales service level from the real factors such as repair cost, warranty time limit, repair rate, one-sidedness and thoroughness of the repair service, and now the general after-sales service is directly maintained by the manufacturer, and the general machine is guaranteed for one year. , The core component compressor is even more guaranteed.

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