How to judge the quality of the freezer


There are many types of refrigerators on the market, wi […]

There are many types of refrigerators on the market, with different quality. In general, the quality of refrigerators should be considered from the following aspects:

One: Look at the appearance, model, capacity, external label, etc. of the freezer. In terms of appearance, check whether the sprayed layer has obvious scratches, bruises, paint falling and uneven color, whether the surface is obviously uneven, and whether the door is installed upright.

Two: Inquire from two aspects of promotional materials and brand characteristics. Promotional materials are relatively superficial, with simple content and a short period of validity. The news published on the official website is generally the latest synchronous update. You can check some official news online or call for detailed consultation.

Three: Ask about the brand and origin of the compressor. The compressor is the heart of the freezer, directly related to the refrigeration performance, noise, service life and energy consumption of the freezer.

Four: personally experience the feeling of using the product, as well as the after-sales service, market reputation and other aspects. Pinch the door lining to see if it is firm and uniform; pull open the door seal to see if there are screws, because the screws will rust; compare the width and thickness of the door seal to see if there are airbags, because this affects the sealing performance of the refrigerator.

Five: Close the door of the freezer harder, high-quality freezer, the sound of closing the door is generally thicker.

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