What are the common faults of the freezer


Freezers are an indispensable piece of home appliances. […]

Freezers are an indispensable piece of home appliances. Under long-term use, more or less difficulties will arise. If every time there are some minor problems, you must call the master, it will cost money and also Fooling people. Therefore, the following is a detailed explanation of several wide-ranging freezer difficulties and their maintenance and treatment.

NO.1 Freezer "Electricity"

Some refrigerators are prone to tip discharge during long-term use. This requires customers to use a three-pin power plug for the power cord. However, some three-pin power plugs do not have a wire connector at all, and the resulting tip discharge cannot be discharged immediately. , Which leads to "power failure."

Otherwise, if the electrical components of the freezer are damaged, the power cord plug is damaged, etc., the power failure can be solved after repairing as much as possible.

NO.2 freezer defrost

Some household refrigerators must be defrosted, but the defrosting of refrigerators with manual customer service calls takes a lot of time and money, and the expected effect of defrosting is not satisfactory. Teach you a little trick. According to the specifications and models of the refrigerator compartment, cut a piece of thicker plastic film and stick it appropriately on the frosting cavity of the refrigerator compartment. You don't need to use all glue, just stick it properly. When defrosting, first take out the food in the refrigerator temporarily, then tear off the plastic film and shake it so that the frosty cold can all fall down, and then stick a plastic film again, put it in the food, and use it again. Is it very convenient and fast?

NO.3 The refrigeration unit is noisy

Be careful about whether the bottom screws of the refrigeration unit are firm, whether they fall down or loose, whether there is a wood with anti-vibration pads, whether the bottom plate screws are tightened, whether the freezer is placed smoothly, and whether the place where it is placed is firm. If there is still noise after eliminating this kind of situation, please make a careful management decision whether to disassemble the refrigeration unit.

NO.4 freezer blocking ice

When making up the refrigerant, connect the process port and the middle of the refrigerant gas tank connecting pipe valve to connect a large cubic filter system for refrigeration cabinets. Used to filter out the sediment and residual moisture in the refrigerant. It can avoid ice blockage. This kind of filtration system can be used repeatedly after drying at 75℃~100℃ or disassembling the dark blue silica gel.

NO.5 The common problem of "shaft holding" or "cylinder jam" occurred in the refrigeration unit

Everyone usually inspects home freezers and air conditioners, sometimes they find that the refrigeration unit cannot start normally after plugging in the cable. Listen carefully, you can hear a "humming" sound from the refrigeration unit, and after a while the overcurrent protector After recovering, connect the power transformer of the refrigeration unit, and the common problems will quickly reappear.

Knock method: Knock around the refrigeration unit with a wooden hammer, and then plug in the wire to start. If the axle holding is not too serious, the refrigeration unit may resume work after such treatment.

Intrusion method: If the refrigeration compressor of the electric freezer is stuck due to long-term use and cannot be started, it cannot be resumed by the knock method. You can remove it from the domestic freezer, block the three risers, and then Disorganize it for more than twenty-four hours, so that the parts are sufficiently immersed in the lubricating grease, and then subjected to percussion treatment, and all ships can return to normal.

If it's still not so good, find a maintenance person

In general, we should pay attention to one point. When repairing, try to choose the case where the average temperature and average temperature are low, so that the damage to the freezer is reduced to at least. After repairing, test run for 1-2 hours before opening.

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