The difference between custom freezer and ordinary refrigerator


Speaking of the difference between a custom freezer and […]

Speaking of the difference between a custom freezer and an ordinary household refrigerator, people’s first reaction is temperature. It is true that temperature is the biggest difference between a low-temperature refrigerator and an ordinary household refrigerator. What are the differences behind the temperature, such as technology, process, use, etc.?

①The stored materials have a longer shelf life:

Because the length of the shelf life is directly related to the storage temperature.

②High power:

Common household refrigerators have strict national energy consumption standards, and the power consumption is relatively low, but to obtain low temperature, the input power must be increased. Therefore, the power of low-temperature refrigerators is much larger than that of common household refrigerators. Temperature and power have risen dramatically.
③Different refrigeration media:

The temperature and refrigeration mediums of different ranges of low-temperature refrigerators are not the same. There will be two or three kinds of refrigeration mediums in one refrigerator, and some even have more than ten kinds of mediums.
④Different refrigeration compressors:

The lower the temperature, the need for two or three or more compressors to work at the same time. The professional name is "overlay refrigeration". Overlay cooling. This technology has been very mature, with the advantages of small mechanical room, low noise, convenient maintenance, low failure rate, low power consumption, and energy saving. Guangzhou Aoxue's ultra-low temperature refrigerators and deep low temperature refrigerators have adopted this technology.

⑤More additional functions:

Like the earliest ordinary household refrigerators, low-temperature refrigerators are often used by professionals, storage items are relatively expensive, and generally have functions such as over-temperature alarms.

⑥The materials used in low-temperature refrigerators are different:

Especially plastic parts, due to the low temperature, general plastic parts have poor low temperature resistance, will be brittle at low temperatures, and their toughness will also deteriorate. All plastic parts that require special treatment. The inner box plates are generally made of stainless steel, and some also use expensive titanium plates. These plates have small thermal deformation, shrink small at low temperatures, and are not easily deformed.

⑦No evaporator fan:

The vast majority of low-temperature refrigerators are of direct-cooling type. There is no evaporator fan, and the bearings of the fan need lubricating oil. The lubricating oil will solidify at low temperatures and cannot provide lubrication.

Low-temperature refrigerators are rarely found in homes at present, and they may be seen in the families of sea-fishing people, gourmets and other people. Now most of the units are used for professional purposes.

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