Factors to consider when choosing a refrigerator


Refrigerators belong to the scope of the national compu […]

Refrigerators belong to the scope of the national compulsory product certification catalog, that is, products need to obtain a 3C certification certificate and the 3C certification mark is affixed to the product before they are allowed to leave the factory. It is illegal to sell uncertified products out of the factory, and purchasing uncertified products will also be jointly and severally liable. Therefore, when purchasing refrigerator products, you must check whether the information of the 3C certificate is consistent with the information of the purchased product, including the manufacturer, factory, product model, specifications and other information.
Refrigerator products can apply for energy-saving certification, and products with energy-saving certification can better control the power consumption of the product during operation, and ensure energy-saving and emission-reduction while ensuring product performance.
(1) Choose refrigerator type according to demand
There are many types of refrigerators, and the appropriate refrigerator should be selected according to actual needs. The stronger the freezing capacity, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the price. The door structure, volume, purpose, cooling method, control system, climate type, freezing capacity, etc. should be comprehensively considered. In addition to this, the input power of the refrigerator should also be considered. The input power index can be seen on the nameplate on the back of the refrigerator body, in the refrigerator room or in the manual. Taking a refrigerator of about 200L as an example, choose an input power of more than 100W as much as possible.
(B) Pay attention to performance indicators and certification marks
Household refrigerators are governed by national compulsory certification and production licenses according to volume, and special attention should be paid to whether the products are affixed with 3C and QS marks when purchasing to ensure the safety performance of the products.
Refrigerator products also need to consider energy consumption. At present, China’s energy efficiency label divides energy efficiency into five grades. Grade 1 indicates that the product has reached the international advanced level, and grade 5 is the market access indicator. Products lower than this level are not allowed to be produced. And sales. China Quality Certification Center has carried out energy-saving certification business for various types of household refrigerator products. Products with energy-saving certification can be affixed with the “section” logo to prove that the product has excellent power-saving performance and is important when purchasing. Reference basis.
(3) Consider the brand and after-sales service
Household refrigerator products are basically in the normally open state, and normal maintenance and fault repair services during use are also links that should be fully considered when purchasing. When buying, you should choose a manufacturer with a big brand, good reputation, and standard after-sales service. Such manufacturers have mature technology, stable quality, and can provide perfect after-sales service.

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