Classification of refrigerators with different structures


(1) According to the structure of the box door It can b […]

(1) According to the structure of the box door
It can be divided into single-door refrigerator, double-door refrigerator, double-door wall cabinet refrigerator, multi-door refrigerator, etc.
1. Single-door refrigerator means that the refrigerator has only one door, and its cooling method is based on the low temperature of the top evaporator in the box, which allows natural convection of the air in the box to transfer heat. Mainly cold storage and fresh keeping, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, less power consumption and lower price.
2. Double door refrigerator means that the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment are separated and has two doors. The small door above is the freezer compartment and the lower door is the refrigerator compartment. The structure of the double door refrigerator is better than that of a single door Refrigerators are complex, use many materials, and are relatively expensive.
3. Folding double-door wall-mounted refrigerator, also known as vertical large double-door double-temperature refrigerator, refers to a refrigerator with two doors standing side by side, with a large volume, generally around 500 liters; On the side is the freezer, the temperature is -6 ℃, -12 ℃, -18 ℃ (three star) three levels. On the other side is the refrigerator compartment with a temperature of 0°C to 8°C. Due to the different temperatures on both sides, the middle of the box is separated by a heat insulation layer. Both temperature adjustment and defrosting are automatically controlled. Due to the similar appearance to a large wardrobe, it is also called a closet refrigerator.
4. Multi-door refrigerator: A popular trend of refrigerators this year, which divides the cold storage and freezing area into multiple doors and multiple temperatures, the volume is relatively large, more than 200L, which is convenient for storing various foods, suitable for Frozen, refrigerated, fresh-keeping and fruit and vegetable storage. The disadvantage is that the volume is large and the price is expensive.
(Two) by volume
Vertical refrigerator: the largest dimension in the height direction, the door is located in front of the refrigerator, and the floor space is small.
Horizontal refrigerator: the largest dimension in the longitudinal direction, the door of the box is mostly located on the top of the box. The freezer is usually horizontal, and the door can be opened upward to reduce the leakage heat. However, it occupies a large area, and it is not convenient to access items.
Desktop refrigerator: height is 750~850mm, width is 900~1000mm, depth is 450~500mm. Most of them are refrigerators, suitable for storing cold drinks and fruits.
(3) According to the cooling method
It can be divided into air-cooled, direct-cooled and hybrid refrigerators.
1. Air-cooled: Also known as intercooled refrigerators, each room relies on the fan in the box to force the air convection circulation in the box to indirectly cool the food. Normally, frost-free is called air-cooled (by forced convection cooling). The freezing and refrigerating rooms have uniform temperature and fast cooling speed. The frost is only on the surface of the evaporator, and there is no frost on the surface of the freezing room, so no manual defrosting is required, but the food is easy to dry. Due to the addition of fans, defrosting heaters, etc., the noise is large, and the power consumption is about 15% higher than that of direct cooling refrigerators.
2. Direct cooling: The evaporator directly absorbs the heat of the food to cool and cool. The air circulation in the box depends on the difference in density of the hot and cold air, so that the air forms natural convection in the box, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. Frost is called direct cooling (reliance on natural convection cooling). In the freezer room, because the food is directly in contact with the evaporator, the freezing speed is faster; the food in the refrigerator room is not easy to air dry, and the preservation time is long.
3. Mixed type: the refrigerator compartment is a direct cooling type, and the freezer compartment is an air cooling type. Taking into account the advantages of direct-cooled refrigerators and air-cooled refrigerators, the food in the refrigerator compartment is not easy to dry, and the freezing compartment is not frosted.

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