Ice Maker With Water Dispenser AI-400 Factory

Ice Maker With Water Dispenser AI-400

Ice Maker With Water Dispenser AI-400

Ambient Temperature: 10-43 Celsius 
Power: 220-240V/50Hz,115V/60Hz,230V/60Hz
Rated Input: Cooling 160W,Heating 500W
Package Dimension(w*d*h): 369*418*1065(mm)
Heating Capacity: ≥90℃,5L/H
Cooling Capacity: ≤8℃,4L/H


Ice Maker With Water Dispenser AI-400 Details

It is very happy if you have a multifunctional dispenser for office in your office.

Do you know that this is a multi-function water dispenser that can enhance the happiness of the office? It offers four different powerful services: cold water, hot water, room temperature water, ice cubes. It also has a security lock feature.

In the hot summer, a water dispenser that can make ice cubes has become the most popular place. Whether you are drinking pure water, a drink, or coffee, you can add bullet-shaped ice cubes that it makes. When the ice blocks are crossed over your tongue, the bursts of coolness have always gone straight into your heart, making you feel happy in such an anxious weather.

This invisibly increases the comfort of employees, and gradually appoints employees to identify their own businesses and ignite their passion for work. A small water dispenser simply brings a warmer enthusiasm than a salary increase, which is a good thing for the boss.

So, bosses, come and contact me for the happiness of the staff.

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