Why do supermarket freezers consume so much electricity


1. The power consumption factor is related to the volum […]

1. The power consumption factor is related to the volume of the refrigerator in the supermarket. The larger the volume is, the more power is consumed. Therefore, we want to select a supermarket refrigerator that is suitable for our own capacity according to our own needs.

2. Defrost on time. Because the frost in the supermarket freezer will affect the cooling effect of the entire freezer and reduce the cooling efficiency. Therefore, the defrosting cycle takes about 8 to 10 days to defrost once, so that the supermarket freezer will not increase power consumption for no reason.

3. The power consumption of the supermarket refrigerator is related to the number of times the door is opened. When you open the door of the supermarket refrigerator, you can feel the cold air flowing out, and the cold air is lost. The temperature of the supermarket refrigerator will inevitably rise, and the temperature will not stop running. The compressor head is always running, and the power consumption will also increase. Experts suggest that it is best to avoid opening the refrigerator door of the supermarket for too long, and take out what you need at the same time.

4. The power consumption of supermarket freezers is related to the frost thickness: frost is a bad conductor of heat, which becomes the thermal insulation layer between the evaporator and the food in the cabinet, affecting the heat exchange between the evaporator and the food in the cabinet, so that the temperature in the cabinet does not drop, reducing the cooling function of supermarket freezers, increasing power consumption, and even always starting the compression length, increasing the heat and burning the heat. The other is the taste of various foods. If the frost is not removed for a long time, the supermarket freezer will give off a foul smell. Expert advice: Generally speaking, if the frost layer is 5 mm thick, it should be removed.

5. The temperature of the objects entering the freezer should not be as high as possible. The higher the temperature of the objects, the longer the freezer will work. So we try to put things back in the cabinet at room temperature to reduce the burden on the cabinet.

The power consumption of supermarket refrigerators is a problem that cannot be ignored. How can we make refrigerators consume less power under the same effect. Today, Xiaobian tells us that as long as we pay attention to the way of using cabinets in our life, we can greatly reduce power consumption, increase income and reduce expenditure, and start from small things, then tomorrow's life will be better.

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