What to do if the supermarket freezer has a leakage trip


First, the thermostat of the supermarket freezer leaks […]

First, the thermostat of the supermarket freezer leaks electricity.

The leakage phenomenon of the refrigerator thermostat is mainly manifested as: when our hands touch the cabinet of the refrigerator, there will be numbness, but the compressor runs normally and the temperature in the cabinet is normal. Since most thermostats are installed on the inner wall of the refrigerator, temperature changes in the refrigerator will cause the temperature around the thermostat to condense. When the condensed water flows into the thermostat, the resistance between the electrical contacts of the refrigerator thermostat and the cabinet decreases, causing the cabinet to be energized. For this phenomenon, we can eliminate this problem by regularly defrosting and frequently wiping the water in the refrigerator to prevent condensed water from flowing into the thermostat. But at the same time, we must also pay attention to frequently cleaning the bakelite frame of the freezer thermostat and some dirt around it, mainly because the dirt will leak electricity after absorbing water.

Therefore, we should maintain the refrigerator frequently to prevent this kind of leakage and effectively extend the service life of the refrigerator.

Second, the refrigerator moisture-proof line leaks electricity.

The leakage of the refrigerator moisture-proof line is mainly manifested by the frequent switching on and off of the overload protection relay after the power is turned on, which causes the refrigerator compressor to be unable to be turned on, and also causes the refrigerator cabinet to become charged. Touching with hands will cause numbness, which is common in refrigerators with long service life. exist. At this time, we can wrap the moisture-proof line with some insulating sleeves. It is best to remove the old wire and replace it with a new one with rubber insulation.

When the user encounters the problem of leakage and tripping of the freezer, it is best to close the freezer for maintenance to prevent accidents, especially in crowded places such as supermarkets and convenience stores. If an accident occurs, it will cause heavy losses.

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