How to buy commercial refrigeration equipment


Commercial refrigeration equipment (specially refers to […]

Commercial refrigeration equipment (specially refers to commercial refrigerators, hereinafter referred to as commercial refrigerators) refers to commercial operation channels such as supermarkets, cold drinks shops, frozen goods stores, hotels and restaurants, which are exclusively used for storing ice cream, beverages, dairy products, quick-frozen food, food materials, etc. Or freezer freezer.

Commercial refrigerators are highly professional. They not only have professional storage temperature requirements, but also have strong requirements for display. A refrigerator with good display can effectively promote the sales of operators. Therefore, a typical feature of commercial refrigerators is that there are many With single-layer or multi-layer transparent glass doors (except for kitchen refrigerators used to store food materials), consumers can see the contents without opening the door of the freezer.

When a catering business decides to purchase commercial refrigerator products, the first key element to consider is the business's use of the refrigerator. Merchants can decide to purchase products suitable for their catering stores according to their own needs.

Faced with all kinds of commercial refrigerators on the market, how should we accurately purchase them?

Take a look at preservation

The primary function of the refrigerator is to ensure the freshness of refrigerated food, and the function of keeping fresh because of the cake refrigerator is the primary basis for purchase.

According to scientific analysis, in order to maintain the freshness of food, on the one hand, the inside of the refrigerator needs to have a constant temperature and strong "freezing power", on the other hand, it is necessary to maintain the air purification and freshness in the refrigerator.

Since only the weak "freezing power" can be used to store food, the freezing power of the freezer must be increased to a high level in the purchase of a freezer.

Second look at power consumption

In the purchase of modern electrical equipment by refrigerator manufacturers, in addition to the quality and function and other factors, more and more attention should be paid to whether the electrical appliances themselves are energy-saving, which can not only reduce their own economic expenses, but also ensure the long-lasting service life of the electrical appliances.

Three look at the volume

Freezers used in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, restaurants and other places are usually large-scale refrigeration equipment. The volume is also different.

It can be determined based on the hotel's daily catering data and the flow of people, so that the use value of the freezer can be maximized.

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