What should I pay attention to when using power for commercial refrigerators


Commercial refrigerators bring a lot of convenience to […]

Commercial refrigerators bring a lot of convenience to our lives, but in the process of use, we must ensure that commercial refrigerators use electricity safely and avoid accidents.
First, commercial refrigerators work under continuous power supply conditions, so the power plug must be firmly inserted into the power outlet to prevent loosening and falling off.
Second, before turning on the power, first check whether the voltage specified on the nameplate is the same as the household voltage.
3. Check if the ground wire is normal. If you feel a tingling sensation when you touch the cabinet during use, you should unplug the power plug, stop using it, check the ground wire, and never use it with power on.
Fourth, in order to prevent leakage or electric shock, there must be no water on the back of commercial refrigerators.
Fifth, commercial refrigerators and other electrical equipment such as audio equipment, televisions can not share a power supply, each plug should be connected to their respective plug sockets. Because wires and sockets have a specified current carrying capacity, if multiple electrical appliances use the same power socket, when the current exceeds its rated flow, the wires will heat up and the plastic insulation sleeve may melt and cause combustion.
6. In case of power failure during use, the pointer of the temperature controller should be adjusted to the "stop" position, or the power plug should be unplugged. Prevent sudden power-on and burnout of the motor in a short time (no less than 7min). Use a protector for large voltage fluctuations.

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