Common differences between island cabinets and refrigerated display cabinets


Generally, the commercial freezer that we can see on th […]

Generally, the commercial freezer that we can see on the market now has very strong professionalism. This professionalism is actually based on its basic function, that is, it must have a certain degree in addition to its refrigeration function. Demonstrative.
For example, in many large restaurants now, they will put seafood and other foods in refrigerated display cabinets, so that customers can see the freshness of the food, and their consumption will be more assured.
Then there is the problem. What is the difference between refrigerated display cabinets and the island cabinets used in our general supermarkets? Just looking at it literally, we can't see the difference between refrigerated display cabinets and island cabinets. To compare the two of them, we have to compare them in terms of their production, function, effect, price, etc., and then After synthesis, a more complete result is obtained.
First of all, refrigerated display cabinets can be used to display a variety of items such as food, beverages and medicines, but island cabinets are only used for storage and a certain display of food, which is not as good as refrigerated display cabinets in terms of display diversity. Already.
Secondly, the display cabinet will feel better than the island cabinet. Of course, this mainly refers to the appearance. The display cabinet is relatively more beautiful. In terms of applications, refrigerated display cabinets are generally used in convenience stores and large-scale stores, because it has a beautiful appearance and does not need to occupy a large area, which is very practical. However, for island cabinets, it is generally not used except in large supermarkets, and the scope is much smaller. Because you can't put such a large island cabinet in a small convenience store, that's unrealistic.

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