Treatment of insufficient refrigeration of refrigerator


1、 The refrigeration effect of the refrigerator is not […]

1、 The refrigeration effect of the refrigerator is not obvious: insufficient refrigerant or leakage (external or internal leakage)


① The compressor runs continuously without stopping.

② The evaporator is not cold, the condenser is not hot, some leaks, the evaporator is frosted and the condenser is warm.

③ The evaporator has no sound of airflow or running water.

④ The compressor casing is not hot. After a long time of operation, it is slightly higher than the ambient temperature, and part of the leakage is warm.

⑤ No refrigerant is discharged from the cut return and exhaust pipes or less refrigerant is discharged.

Solution to insufficient refrigerant: add refrigerant again; Check whether there is oil stain at each welding point of the pipeline, and the oil stain is the external leakage part; Timely report for maintenance.

2、 Blockage of refrigeration pipe of the refrigerator: the inlet end of the capillary tube (close to the connection part of the drying filter) or the bending part of the capillary tube feels cold. The front end of the cold part is a dirty and blocked part. If it is completely blocked, there is frost nearby.

Solution: Clean the refrigeration pipeline in time to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system;

3、 The fan of the refrigerator does not work

Solution: replace the switch, carefully check the public part of the door switch and the line of the lighting lamp. There may be breakage or loose connection and other reasons. Disassemble the fan and start it directly, and check whether the fan operates normally.

4、 Freezer frosts

In summer, due to the high ambient humidity, the frost humidity inside the refrigerator will be relatively fast.

Solution: Do a good job in the internal cleaning of the refrigerator every month. Pay attention to the use of the equipped defrosting shovel when defrosting. If there is no defrosting shovel, it is better to use plastic devices. Do not use sharp metal devices to prevent damage to the liner or tube exposure.

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