Refrigerator choose those things


Nowadays, on the urban surface, refrigerators are divid […]

Nowadays, on the urban surface, refrigerators are divided into single-door, double-door, energy-saving, smart and other types. There are also many refrigerator brands, and people do not know how to choose.

The size of the refrigerator
The size of the refrigerator must be selected according to the placement position. Before buying a refrigerator, be sure to measure the length, width and height of the placement position and stretch space to avoid the embarrassment of inconvenient opening of the refrigerator and the beauty of the home. After that, it is too close and not good looking. Exception, if it is a refrigerator at home, it is best to buy a larger one. After all, the refrigerator may be used for more than ten years. It was originally used by one or two people. In the future, there will be more refrigerator space for children.

Refrigerator choice of direct cooling or air cooling
We all know that there are two cooling methods for refrigerators: direct cooling and air cooling, but what is the difference between the two? In a direct cooling refrigerator, the inner wall is directly cold, so that the internal air is cooled to achieve the cooling effect. The air-cooled refrigerator achieves the purpose of cooling by distributing cold air to the refrigerator. An air-cooled refrigerator is different from a direct-cooled refrigerator. Its freezer does not form frost, but the downside is that it is easy to dry the food. Of course, there are also many refrigerators that combine their advantages at the same time, using a hybrid method. If there is a corresponding demand, a similar refrigerator option is also good.

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