How to choose a refrigerator


"Refrigeration New Retail" is a new retail method that […]

"Refrigeration New Retail" is a new retail method that has emerged in the refrigeration field in recent years. It integrates the shortcomings of traditional refrigeration e-commerce and physical retail, and combines "online + offline + logistics and warehousing" to solve price problems and service efficiency. Insufficient and other problems have reduced the situation of middlemen earning the difference in price, so that the products can be directly sent from the factory to the users.

With the development of the concept of "refrigeration new retail" and the upgrading of consumer standards and other factors, the market share/proportion of supermarkets and convenience stores has gradually increased, which has led to an increasing demand for freezer equipment. However, there are currently many freezer products on the market. , complex and diverse, some businesses use the label of "green, environmental protection, fluorine-free, energy-saving" to promote their products, so that consumers can't judge the quality of the freezer without much understanding of the freezer. It is easy to buy inferior products. Here are a few misunderstandings that are easy to fall into:


Stainless Steel Door Mini Refrigerator

Color available: Red, black, white

Capacity: 1.6CU.FT

Certificates: GS, CE, ETL, ROHS, EMC, FDA

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Defrost Type:Manual Defrost

Material:Stainless Steel


Application:CAR, Outdoor, Hotel, Household

Hicon main products are household and medical air conditioners, portable air conditioners, water dispensers, refrigerators, ice makers, freezers, wine coolers and small appliances.


1. The greater the freezing force, the better: The freezing force is an important technical indicator for measuring the freezer. For example, the performance requirements of the freezer for fresh fruits and vegetables are refrigerated and fresh, and the requirements for the freezer will be lower than that of the frozen food. Therefore, it is not that the greater the freezing power, the better, but to choose the appropriate product based on the actual application needs;

2. Energy saving and power saving: For refrigerators, the amount of power consumption is also a very important performance indicator, but some products under the banner of "energy saving refrigerators" really save energy? Can the actual use effect be guaranteed? There are various products in the freezer market now. In order to pursue the so-called "energy saving", some businesses blindly consider saving electricity, but do not carry out reasonable planning and design, and do not consider the actual use effect and performance guarantee, which makes the product use effect poor, The lifespan is short, therefore, energy saving should start with the product itself, carry out reasonable structural improvement, and optimize the design;

3. The more functions, the better: some consumers are easily persuaded by merchants. In many cases, the customer's requirements for refrigerator products may only be refrigerated and fresh, but they have purchased refrigerators with multiple functions such as refrigeration and freezing under the recommendation of merchants. , although it can also meet the needs of users, it is also wasteful to a certain extent; moreover, some merchants pursue "complexity first" in the function of refrigerators, and make product function design more and more complicated, but I don’t know that different functions correspond to different technologies, so that the more complex the function of the product, the more prone to failure, and the shorter the service life. Therefore, when consumers buy refrigerators, they should choose the most suitable performance, functions, etc. according to their own needs. the best products, etc.

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