Benefits and features of convenience store freezer


Convenience store refrigerators are equipped with night […]

Convenience store refrigerators are equipped with night energy-saving curtain usb refrigerators, which are specially used at night and other low-temperature disinfection cabinets during non-business hours. To further save electricity, the price of mini-convenience store freezers and freezers can reduce the cost of use. Options: curtains, shelf lighting, label holders, glass end plates and mirror end plates for selection;

Convenience store freezers are sprayed with antibacterial agent coatings to effectively control the growth of various bacteria in supermarket freezers. Convenience store refrigerators use high temperature curing powder spraying, which has good corrosion resistance and crash resistance. Application of high-efficiency evaporator and back-blowing technology to achieve product energy saving, supermarket freezer refrigeration system adopts microcomputer controller, with good performance and material data transmission interface;

Convenience store refrigerators increase the display of goods. The product is beautiful and generous, and the group purchase refrigerated cabinet plays a certain decorative role on the occasion of use; at the same time, it makes it convenient for customers to pick up the goods when shopping;

The executive components of the refrigeration system of the convenience store freezer and the control parts of the electrical appliances adopt foreign brand-name products to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the products. Enlarge the design of the evaporator, improve the heat exchange efficiency, make the cabinet cooler faster, lower the temperature, and at the same time more energy-saving, incremental laminar flow optimizes the air curtain, high efficiency and energy saving; convenience store freezer advanced back blowing refrigeration system, cabinet temperature Uniform; precise automatic defrost control, stable performance; natural air defrosting reduces power consumption.

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