What to do if household refrigerators consume too much power


Refrigerators are a must-have electrical appliance in e […]

Refrigerators are a must-have electrical appliance in every household, and they are used frequently. Most households are turned on 24 hours a day. In the daily use of the refrigerator, we often hear feedback from many people that the refrigerator at home consumes too much power. Why is it that I bought a low-energy air conditioner? In fact, it is useless for the refrigerator. The method will definitely consume power.

Reduce the load of the refrigerator

The power consumption of the refrigerator is related to the amount of things put in the refrigerator. There are too many things in the refrigerator. If the refrigerator lowers the temperature of these things, it will naturally increase the operation of the compressor, and the power consumption will also increase. It is recommended that when you use the refrigerator daily, you should not put it in the refrigerator like some foods that can be stored at room temperature.

Adjust the temperature controller of the refrigerator in time

The adjustment of the refrigerator's thermostat should also be adjusted according to the season. In summer, it should be adjusted to a lower position, such as around 2-3, in spring and autumn, it can be adjusted to the middle position, and in winter, it can be adjusted higher, such as around 4-5. In addition, a certain amount of space should be left around the refrigerator, which is conducive to ventilation and heat dissipation of the refrigerator, and achieves the effect of energy saving and electricity saving.

Let the food cool before putting it in the refrigerator

The temperature inside the refrigerator is relatively low. If you put hot food into the refrigerator, a thick layer of frost will form on the evaporator of the refrigerator soon, which greatly affects the cooling effect of the refrigerator and increases the workload of the compressor. Therefore, do not put hot food directly in the refrigerator. In addition, try to take out or put in what you need at once, and don't open and close the door of the refrigerator with high frequency, which can also save electricity. ?

The refrigerator is regularly cleaned and defrosted

In addition to the daily cleaning of the refrigerator, after a period of time, there will be a thick layer of frost on the frozen surface. If the frost is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the cooling effect of the refrigerator. We can clean and scrub the refrigerator with a hot towel after powering off the refrigerator daily, and the frost can be cleaned up quickly.

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