What is the matter with the increase in the temperature of the supermarket freezer


In the hot summer, what effect will the high temperatur […]

In the hot summer, what effect will the high temperature have on the supermarket freezer? This series of questions raises questions in the minds of customers. Is the supermarket freezer broken, or something happened? Why does this happen?

All supermarket freezers have an appropriate ambient temperature range and can only operate optimally within this temperature range. For example, the climate type of refrigeration is "N" type (temperate), at 16-32 degrees, refrigeration is not the best way to work, but this does not mean refrigeration can not work well below 32 degrees, but it has a certain To a certain extent, it can tolerate any refrigeration capacity, if the ambient temperature exceeds this capacity, the freezer will not stop and the temperature may be too high.

Of course, this problem only occurs when the ambient temperature exceeds a certain limit, and it will not affect the performance of the supermarket freezer, so it can be used with confidence.
Common symptoms of supermarket freezers:
1 Refrigerant leakage, electrical (line, gas) insulation damage, etc.
2 The refrigeration system is dirty and blocked with ice, condenser dust, etc.
3. Electrical circuit disconnection, fuse blown, overload protection program contact separation caused by overheating or overcurrent, pressure relay contact separation caused by abnormal pressure in the refrigeration cooling system
4. Compressor motor windings, fan motor windings, solenoid valve coils, relay coils, contacts, etc. are lost.
5 Compressor stuck, moving parts bearing stuck, etc.
6. The compressor valve is broken, the piston is pulled, the fan blade is broken, and various parts are broken.

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